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Sub Question: How can the US
improve their immigration system?



American history foreigners have always dreamed about coming to America and
travelling abroad to the states to achieve the American dream and make their
family proud. The first immigrants to the territory now the United States were
from Western Europe. The first great voyage began early in the 19th century
when great numbers of Europeans left their homelands to escape the economic
hardships resulting from the transformation of industry by the factory system
and the immediate shift from small to large farming. Also during this time,
conflict, political oppression, and religious persecution played a major role
in why many Europeans came to seek freedom and security in the U.S.

The period succeeding 1820 may be
separated into three periods of immigration to the U.S. During the first
period, from 1820 to 1860, most of the immigrants came from Great Britain,
Ireland, and western Germany. In the second period, from 1860 to 1890, those
countries continued to supply a majority of the immigrants; the Scandinavian
nations provided a significant minority. Afterwards the proportion of
immigrants from northern and Western Europe decreased rapidly. In the final
period, from 1890 to 1910, less than one-third of the immigrants came from
these areas. The majority of the immigrants were descendants of Southern and
Eastern Europe, with immigrants from Austria, Hungary, Italy, and Russia
creating more than half of the total. Until World War I, immigration had
normally increased in capacity every year. From 1905 to 1914 an average of more
than a million immigrants entered the U.S. every year. With the start of the
war, the capacity dropped suddenly, and the yearly average from 1915 to 1918
was little more than 250,000. In 1921 the number again rose; 800,000 immigrants
were admitted. Subsequently the number decreased  in response to new conditions in Europe and
to the limitations established by U.S. law.


time goes by the problems with immigration are just increasing and it becomes
difficult for US citizens. According to the National Immigration Forum, the
rights of American workers often go un-noticed when there are so many
unauthorized workers in the workforce fearful of deportation; unprincipled
employers are able to use this fear to undercut the rights and wages of all workers.  Workers and employers are frustrated by a
lack of visas, and American families with loved ones overseas face an
overwhelming wait for the same number of annual family related visas that were
set a generation ago. More than 10 million undocumented aliens currently reside
in the US and that population is growing by 700,000 per year. Policies that
drive the undocumented further underground make it harder for law enforcement
officials to serve their public safety and national security duties.


national immigration forum have come up with solutions that may not put an end
to the corruption in the immigration it is a start to a change that can improve
the economy and also the well-being of foreigners travelling abroad to achieve
the American dream. The first solution is, loosen up the educational barriers
for international students that way everyone has an equal opportunity. Once we
do this it can benefit international students and also benefit schools and the
economy. International students also dreams and aspirations of starting their
career in America and trying to make a difference in the world and it would be
a great help to all that can assist them. 
Immigrants that are here illegally should still be given a chance
because giving them legal status will turn an estimated $1.5 trillion in extra
economic activity for the US over the next ten years. Doing this would give the
United States an economic surplus. Another solution is creating an intelligent
task force that can crack down on international smugglers, traffickers, and
managers that manipulates the law against foreigners.


these solutions running in full effect this would produce a change in the
government and also give people a new perspective on how they see the
government operate. US citizens should not see immigrants as people trying to
steal their jobs but, as individuals looking for an opportunity to achieve the
American dream just like them.





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