Termination Responsibility contains conditions that can extend for a period of time after termination. If the employee has important knowledge on ongoing operations, It must be documented and transferred to the organization. 5. 10. 8 (Exchange of Information) aims to maintain the security of information and software exchanged within the organization or any other external entities.

This is important as the research team thrives on collaboration, both internal and external. Other key clauses that are relevant to this case include: ( Secure Areas) Security zones must be established to prevent unauthorized physical access and penetration within the organization. (Third Party Service Delivery Management) must be Implemented to ensure that the data that the research team stores on cloud is secured. (Monitoring and Review of third party services) 4. 10. ( Network Security Management) will help increase the level of importance even to maintaining network security. Security of Network Services) 6. 11 (Access Control) to establish rules controlling access to Information. Advantages of Implementing ISO 27001 1 . Implementing this certified information security management system will ensure compliance and help maintain competitive edge through protection of crucial information. 2. Creates a safe environment for storage of computational resources. 3.

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ISO 27001 encourages all members of the organization,from senior management to chemical staff to get involved In the information security efforts to achieve common goals and objectives, thereby Improving Internal communication and ultimately Improving company results Dilettantes 1 . Investment is needed, both material and non-material to establish and train the employees to conform to the process. 2. Another disadvantage is the “bureaucracy’ that is created due to the process. This may slow down the research team, but is essential to mitigate the risk of information theft.