Philippines 4th most disaster-prone country in the
world based on “United Nation Office for Disaster Risk Reduction” The
information comes from The Human Cost of Weather Related Disasters report
covering weather-related disasters from 1995 to 20151. The disasters that
happen in the Philippines are storms and earthquakes the country’s location on
the Pacific Ring of Fire and close to the equator makes the Philippines prone
to earthquakes and typhoons.


technology may emerge as a key to develop sustainable and disaster resistant
infrastructure and planning. Technology plays a crucial role in terms of
disaster management with it we can simulate what dangers disaster brings to the
community. Using VR-based training in disaster preparedness has been recognized
as an important alternative to real life drills and exercises. This technology
can be used to prepare for disasters in a number of ways. For example, people
can be immersed in a virtual environment that allows them to get advanced
tactical training. They can perform the planned operations in a controlled
manner even before the problem strikes. In this digital realm, they can
practice as many times as necessary until they are able to achieve mastery of the
techniques. They will get used to the chaos so that their actions will become
automatic. They will no longer be rattled when faced with a real threat.
Disaster preparedness workers can also engage in more strategic training
sessions, which require high levels of critical thinking. These can provide a
series of mental challenges that will force them to think of the most sensible
solutions while being under time pressure. The experience is similar to what
chess players have when they play against quality opposition. They need to
think of each move carefully and consider the possible consequences several
steps ahead when each situation generates multiple threats. Narrative immersion
can also be implemented using VR technology. Individuals will be presented with
a story set in a world that mirrors our own. The experience is similar to
watching a movie but with a greater level of engagement. There is no screen at
a distance. Viewers are actually inside the story itself and may be able to
change its course 2.

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Filipinos owned smartphones for reasons for
productivity, communication or entertainment. Smartphone users in the
Philippines are expected to more than double, hitting 90 million by 2021 from
just 40 million today, the Ericsson Mobility Report said last Friday 11.
Majority of Philippine smartphones users use android this could be attribute to
how android is adaptable to cheaper phones 12.


Through the use of specific hardware and software,
virtual reality – sometimes called ‘immersive multimedia,’ as well as ‘virtual
environment (VE)’ or ‘computer-simulated life’ – can help replicate or create
an environment, based on reality or the imagination of the creator. The aim of
VR is to create a sensory experience for the user sometimes including sight,
touch, hearing, smell, or even taste. In order to experience virtual reality,
the user needs a specific set of hardware. The most important device that helps
the user immerse in the virtual environment is probably the head-mounted
display (HMD) – a wraparound headset which does not allow light or images from
the real world to interfere with the virtual one. The installed base of virtual
reality headsets was estimated at around seven million in 2016 and is forecast
to grow to 37 million by 2020. The Samsung Gear VR was the bestselling VR
device in 2016 with 4.3 million units. Other virtual reality devices of which
at least 200 thousand units were sold in 2016 include the PlayStation VR, HTC
Vive, Google Daydream and the Oculus Rift 13.


1.1     Project

The Philippines has consistently ranked in the top
five most disaster-prone countries along with China, the United States, India
and Indonesia 3. That the Philippines is the most storm-exposed country on earth
4. The Philippines’ state weather bureau PAGASA
that among these tropical cyclones, 10 will be typhoons, with 5 having the
capability to be destructive ones 5.


The Philippines is surrounded by large bodies of
water, making it storm prone because of low-pressure areas that causes tropical
depressions 6. His research identified 100 cities with the greatest threats
posed by natural disasters, 21 cities that was found in the Philippines with
Manila in the 4th place.


The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and
Seismology or also known as PhiVolcs stated that the Valley Fault System showed
that the big quake will pass through the dense Metro Manila area and can shake
the neighboring provinces. PhiVolcs also said that NCR will face isolation from
nearby provinces because of collapsed roads and buildings. The fault systems
from north to south and east to west will get the greatest threat.


Collapsed buildings in Makati and Mandaluyong
cities may separate northern and southern parts of the Metro, while broken road
networks will isolate the west and the east. Just like what happened in 1990 at
Baguio. The potential quake is not a prediction over a specified time but for
sure, it will happen. No one knows when 7. According to some reports, it’s
even described as ‘long overdue’. The valley fault system moved four times in
the last 1,400 years – on the estimate every 400 years and the last time was
about 356 years ago in 1658.


The government shall prepare for major risk
reduction measures. Given this big disaster, the rest of the country needs to
prepare quickly with skilled responders and logistics particularly in terms of
search and rescue,) “Fast Facts about The Big One: 7.2- Magnitude Earthquake 8.
“The question is, how prepared are the people of manila when it comes to


There are disasters simulator games that were
developed for the past years such as Flood Survival by Roblox, Flame in the
Flood by Molasses Flood and Earthquake Simulator by Lindero Edutainment. Most
of them are three dimensional games that is focusing on disaster survival. The
proposed game is an android based virtual reality game that will be able to
educate citizens in an urban setting  in the
Philippines on how to survive when disasters strikes at their locations. The
game will have a set of scenarios including Floods, Earthquakes, and Fires. The
game will also have survival guidelines on how they will complete the different
scenarios. And with the help of virtual reality, players will be able to see
and experience the feeling of being in a disaster and surviving through it.

Several characteristics of VR provide an
opportunity to boost student engagement. 
As a hands-on, interactive, immersive experience, it provides a novel
way of learning for students, delivering powerful new experiences they may not
have encountered before. For example, Google Expeditions allows teachers to
transport students to virtual field trips to Mars, the bottom of the ocean, and
many other settings, which can spark new interest in subject matter, provide a
shared experience for better classroom discussion, and improve overall engagement


And Elliot Hu-Au (2017) also stated that VR also
provides an opportunity for constructivist learning, i.e. allowing students to
construct their own knowledge from meaningful experiences. Research has shown
in virtual world-building simulations, low-performing students improved
academically more than those learning through traditional methods, even more so
than their high-achieving counterparts 10. One benefit of virtual reality is
training because in some sectors, VR is used to train employees especially in
dangerous environments.


An example would be flight simulators for pilots in
case they make a mistake in real life flights, and aspiring doctors take
advantage of virtual reality to avoid medical accidents. VR can also make
Learning Fun and Interesting as said by experts in e-learning & virtual
reality simulation, skills2learn. Because when you learn you don’t only listen
and watch and the only way you find out how something works is by playing and
using it. And with that, users can maximize the capabilities of a VR headset to
educate and train themselves when floods are occurring in real life.




1.2 Purpose and Description

The researchers developed a system that helpscitizens in an urban setting residents to as it tries to help educate and train
the citizens about flood and earthquake preparedness and how to respond. In the
conventional method, rescuers were taught in a classroom setting where
information was provided by the instructor. Web-based training enabled people
to view pre-recorded sessions from their homes and go through them at their own


1.3 Objectives of the Study

General Objective

The main goal of the proposed study is to develop a
Virtual Reality game that will educate, train, and provide awareness for
Filipinos in an urban setting on how to prepare and respond to disaster’s when
it occurs.

Specific Objectives

To simulate
disasters specifically flash flood and earthquake that citizens in an urban
setting may encounter.

To provide
instructions for citizens in an urban setting on what to do in a disaster.

To develop a
survival game that will let users engage in a scenario where they can
experience particular disaster such as flash flood, and earthquake that can
provide survival tips for each scenario.

To develop a
survival game that can provide awareness and educate citizens in an urban
setting on a particular disaster using virtual reality.

To provide
different types of scenarios for citizens in an urban setting to have a better
knowledge when it comes to any disaster that may occur.


1.4 Scope and Limitations


The PerseVR
is a survival game that the player must work alone to survive and complete a
goal in a scenario.

The player is
set in an urban area where the natural disaster occurs and needs to accomplish
the objectives to survive and move on to the next level.

There are set
of objectives that are needed to accomplish for the player to finish the level

The player
cannot go to the next level if he doesn’t achieve the objectives in each time
and will respawn back at the check point.

When the goal
of the level is completed, the game will unlock the next level and the player
will be given an award that will help him in the next level of the game.

There are two
types of scenarios that the player can choose such as flood, and earthquake.
Each scenario has different levels that can be played.

The scenario
will be based on what can really happen in the real world and what the player
could go through when the disaster happens.


The proposed
mobile application will only be available for android mobile devices.

The proposed
mobile application can only be played with a VR headset and controller.

The proposed
mobile application cannot be played if the mobile device doesn’t have gyroscope


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