Define knowledge, defend your definition, and explain it using examples. (2) Do likewise for skepticism, and set out at least two skeptical arguments in standard numbered premise conclusion form. (Choose from the illusion argument, the dream argument, the evil demon argument or the brain in a vat argument. ) (3) Critically evaluate these arguments, considering possible objections and responses. (4) Finally, try to answer the following questions: Should we be philosophical skeptics or not?

What, if anything, can we rightly claim to have knowledge of? Make sure that your paper is about 5 pages/1 500 words in length, and typed double-spaced in 12 point Times New Roman font. Submit it both via Seafaring and in hard copy, follow the guidelines below, and cite sources using MALL style. 1 4. 1) We should be philosophical skeptics because we have no idea if we have a complete understanding of anything in this world so it is best to doubt everything. For example when the common belief was that the world was flat and all of the planets revolved around the

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Earth it was the doubters that proved those beliefs to be wrong. The doubters help find new ways to do things like the Wright brothers finding a new way of transportation with planes. Almost no one believed anything would be able to fly that transported humans, and the idea of aviation was nonsense. Skeptics question everything and because of that skeptics find better solutions to problems. 2) We can claim to have knowledge of math, physics, biology, chemistry, genetics, and other sciences but we only know how to apply them to our uses.

We do not know why sciences work in the way they do, we Just find correlations science has with real life. We have knowledge of math because of mathematical proofs. We can also claim knowledge of our personal experiences. We claim knowledge of what goes on In our own experiences because no one else has the exact same personal experiences with the same exact same feelings. Even though we could have false memories or live In a matrix we still believe we can claim knowledge to our life experiences. All experiences are personal and there Is knowledge that Is personal too.