Units in the spelling of words, such as the suffix which is the ending of a word.ex: ed It can also be the root word.ex: graph in graphite
The smallest unit of speech that distinguishes one word from another.

 ex: t of tugex: r of rug

A written or printed letter or symbol used to represent a speech, sound, or phoneme.
Grapheme-Phoneme Relationship
Refers to the relationship between printed letters and the sounds they represent. Some printed symbols may be represented by more than one sound or combos of letters. ex: car, coat, cent, cake
Alphabetic Principle
The concept that letters and letter combinations are used to represent phonemes in orthography. Which is done by blending sounds. ex: car, carp, carpet
The onset of a single syllable or word is the initial sound. ex: sun= /s/ex: slide= /sl/
A unit is composed of the vowel and any following consonants within a syllable. ex: tag the rime is ag
Phonemic Segmentation
The process of dividing a spoken word into the smallest units of sound within that word. ex: bat= /b/a/t/