A Journey Is more than Just a movement from one place to another. It Is about learning and growth. ” This statement Is shown In our focus text Lionhearted, an autobiography by Jesse Martin and in two related texts, Cats In the Cradle, song lyrics by Cat Stevens and the song 100 years, composed by the band, Five for Fighting. These three texts portray not only a physical Journey but an emotional adventure. Many techniques are used to create the imagery that portrays the Journey.

These include autobiographical form, incomplete sentences, colloquial language and the SE of photographs and diary entries in Lionhearted as well as symbolism and music patterns in Cats in the Cradle and the responsibilities at different ages, shown in 100 Years. The autobiography Lionhearted written by Jesse Martin Invites the reader along Jesses physical Journey as well as his Journey of emotional and physical development. This use of present tense and an autobiographical nature allows the reader to understand a first hand account of his experiences and to get the reader to think about their own life goals, dreams and achievements.

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Jesses main goal of his adventure was to prove that anyone can fulfill their reams. This is shown through the use of many quotes in the text including, “l tried to hammer home my theme that young people can do anything and should be encouraged to follow their dreams” and “If we don’t live our dreams, what’s the point in living? ” Jesse uses diary entries, photographs, conversational tone, colloquial language, jargon and incomplete sentences “pumped and buzzed with excitement at my new understanding of so many things” which gives the text more of a personal feeling and to attract the youth audience to inspire them.

Jesse Martin grew as a person and was able to become a lot stronger as he had to arrive many battles along the way, Including the presence of no one but himself being around to talk to. Whilst experiencing a physical journey, Jesse Martin’s autobiography also shows the reader about the emotional impact a person can undergo through such a significant life Journey. Although Jesse didn’t fulfill his whole dream, he was able to learn from his adventure, “It didn’t feel like I had to cross the finish line to prove anything to myself – I already knew it. This quote reflects the concept that arrival wasn’t as important as the whole Journey and the experiences that came out of It. The song Cats In the Cradle composed by Cat Stevens Is about a father who Is reciting a time In his life when he missed his son growing up and thinks about the good times they could have spent together. ‘We’ll get together then. ” The song focuses on the journey of discovering a truth. In this case it shows the son slaying en wants to De Just Like tons Tanner, “You Know I’m goanna De Like nil” although the son was an obstacle in his father life.

The son focuses on his father coming home and the good times he plans to spend with his father. This is shown in the quote “When you coming home, I don’t know hen, we’ll get together then. You know we’ll have a good time then”. As the song continues we see the son go through important life changing experiences without his father’s presence and doesn’t have much time for his father at this stage in his life. “Well, he came from college Just the other day, so much like a man I Just had to say, I’m proud of you, could you sit for a while?

He shook his head and he said with a smile, what I’d really like Dad, is to borrow the car keys, see you later, can I have them please”. Symbolism is used in these lyrics. This is shown in the quote “I’m goanna be like o dad” which reflects how a child will grow up to mimic their parents. Ugly Kid Joe also explains the Journey of life and stages growing up. “Child arrived just the other day’ to when the father says “he’d grown up Just like me. The music patterns are very repetitive up until the last verse. This symbolisms how the decisions we make in life affect our way of living. The fact that it doesn’t return to its original pattern shows how we can alter the path we take in life but can not change the decisions we made along the way. The song lyrics 100 Years written by the band, Five for Fighting represents the takes of growing up and how at different ages in your life you have different responsibilities. At 15 there’s still time for you”, “33 you’re on your way’. The song represents 100 years of life, although these days responsibilities and lifestyle factors have changed but “Every days a new day! ” These three texts, Lionhearted, Cats in the Cradle and 100 years represent a physical journey as well as an emotional and self discovery Journey. It is shown that behind every physical Journey there is an aspect of an inner or emotional Journey based on learning and growth.