Every parent nightmare is finding out that they have a picky eater on their hands, which can be a pain In the butt half the time. Some days It Is either they only want certain types of food or they just decide that they do not want to eat at all, so you have to basically find creative ways tricking them into eating what has been prepared that they see as nasty or even scary.

Children have strong sensitive feelings about certain flavors, textures, colors, and consistencies in foods because they Just Judge upon Its overall appearance. What parents have to understand is that children minds re small so it is not that hard to make a simple veggie magically appear as the new super potion that is going to make them stronger, or make them grow to be very tall. Picky eating can have Its ups and downs when health, creamy, and bonding are Involved. First, health can play major role in a child’s diet.

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The things they choose to eat and not to eat can really determine the amount of nutrients they consume or lack. Creating concerns parents may have in the long run to whether they feel like their child eating habits Imply great risk of weight loss and gain or even health matters hat may lead to other problems within the body. Statistics show that 20 percent of children below the age of five are obese and 18 percent are suffering from the daily nutrients because of their selective eating diets they choose to endure.

However picky eating Is not all bad if the child Is eating the right weight gain or nutritious meals provided by the parent or care taker, which can Include things they actually like but are prepared and proportioned in more healthier ways. So don’t panic when your child enters this phase as long as the child is still healthy in all ways shapes and arms. Second, let’s get creative with what the child will or will not eat so there Is no confusion in the mix. There are plenty of ways to make a child eat their most hated food.

Most parents may think this can be a hassle, which can be at times but does not have to be when you put a little fun into It. Letting your child pick out fruits and veggies, help prepare the food, use cookie cutters to make shapes In the food, add certain fruits to delicious smoothies, or even bring up the clean plate club to get them to eat the food they may not even know they are eating can be simple. Remember a child imagination is so expanded that they would believe the craziest thing you create because it gets the brain working and active that may even within school situations, exampled mainly by younger aged picky eaters.

Also if children see someone older enjoying the activities they help with preparing the food tends to make them love the product as well, because they sometimes believe that they can grow big Like them In most cases. This brings me to when I had to baby sit my picky eating little brother and sister. Ocarina and Tory would take me to hell and back when it was time to eat because OFF one letter wanted or 010 not want want I was making so I would nave to make two separate servings of two different food items.

After a while I started to get very frustrated and with them because they made me not want to feed them and Just let them starve, but that was Just my thoughts and always fed them no matter how they made me feel. I remember one day when it was lunch time I knew what I was preparing for Ocarina and Tory was something neither one of them liked but my mom wanted me to feed it to them any ways, so I saved myself the headache and cited to have them help me make it.

Honestly I was scared at for them to see what the dish consisted of but by me turning the preparation of lunch into a cooking show they were having so much fun making it with me that they was distracted and did not pay attention to the healthy things I put in because we have dyed them different colors and Just saw the ingredients as other things, it is all in the creativity baby. After all the fun we had making lunch they actually ate it all both of them at that.

I was relieved and kept the secrets in me and Just hoped the results of next time loud be the same as long as I kept coming up with creative and fun ways to make them two little picky eaters eat, especially when one wants one thing and the other wants another. Last, what is better than having a close bond with your child or sibling? Right nothing. Even though children are picky eaters and can be a little prick at times with their disagreements can actually bring you and them closer when you both come up with creative ways to eat what they don’t like.

Just the Joy of seeing them enjoy something you made together automatically gives off a better vibe which probably id not exist in the beginning of this Journey of the impossible. Being able to experience and build a bond with the little camper of mysteries can even make you feel warm inside as well. Since you’re assuring that the little picky eater will be getting all the nutrients they need to be strong and healthy.

By most bonding with the picky eater opens a lot of doors they have such as school, getting dressed, and making you help them with other things because they feel that sense of togetherness with you and hope to seek other opportunities of fun with outside things not related o Just eating, which at first was probably an area of discomfort because they could feel the tension put upon them to eat what was obvious by the provider, such as my brother and sister did until things changed.

Better understanding creates better situations not Just the picky eater but for yourself as well. Dealing with picky eaters can be a full time Job when it comes to children specifically, but that does not mean it cannot be a fun and sentimental Job. Making sure the picky eater is healthy, having fun, and bonding with you can really impact the way you and them grow as one.