The peel chart shows that 50% (10/20) respondents said corruption of government official was one of the cause but 25% (5/20) persons responded that poor parenting was another cause while 15% (3/20) person said It was political tribalism and 10% (2/20) persons said It was the economic Instability. Many children exposed to chronic violence In their community are also beaten regularly at home and school. Feelings of unworthiness, Inferiority and low self-esteem were prevalent reports along with expressions of depression.

Girls who were shunned or Isolated from their peers and boys who were sexually abused were likely to report depression. Low self-esteem. Identified more in our boys, may be reflecting the disenfranchisement of some children, as they learn from early that they are not worthy of being protected from violence. These students may then progress to delinquent and aggressive behaviors during their adolescent years suggest that social and economic forces operating in deteriorated lower class areas push many of students to form into criminal behavior tatters.

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Functionalists consider schools as important for providing suitable personnel to fill available positions in the society (Harmless and Holbrook, 1995). Marxist such as Bowels and Giants (1976) argue, however, that the educational system is skewed toward maintaining class positions. These negative social and economic factors include high unemployment, underemployment, shabby housing, and high school dropout rate, single parent households and teenage/young adult gangs. The loss of revenue caused by crime means that less can be used on education