Express contains six of the seven elements that make up an epic. Pineapple express Includes an epic hero, a quest, valorous deeds, divine Intervention, grand events, and serious tone with formal speeches. In media rest Is the only element of an epic that Is not found In Pineapple Express. Pineapple Express is a 2008 stoner-action film that stars Seth Roger and James Franco. Seth Roger plays as Dale Denton and James Franco portrays the role of Saul Silver.

Saul is Dale’s pot dealer and Saul Just recently came upon a new strain of marijuana called Pineapple Express. Saul sells Dale some of the rare cannabis. Dale is employed as a process server and he witnesses the guy who he was supposed to serve, murder someone. The twist is that the guy who was supposed to be served by Dale, is Ted Jones, a drug lord in the city. Ted Jones knows who has the Pineapple Express, which makes for one of the best epics ever. Dale Denton Is the epic hero in the movie.

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Dale Denton saves the day and rids the oral of Ted Jones and all of his cronies. There Is definitely a quest present In Pineapple Express. Dale and Saul have to travel too lot of locations before they reach their fall destination, which Is Ted Jones’ grow house. They hitch a ride on the back of a boat and are dropped off at Red’s house. Red is Sail’s pot dealer and Ted Jones is Red’s pot dealer. Valorous deeds are seen throughout the whole epic. Saul saves Dale from being arrested by stealing the cop car and driving both of them to safety after an intense car chase.

Dale comes back to save Saul by rushing into Tee’s grow house. Even though his attempt is unsuccessful at first, Dale finds a way to come out on top. There is also many examples of divine intervention in the epic. Dale gets shot at point blank range, but the bullet only grazes his ear and takes a chunk out of It. Another example of divine Intervention In the movie Is when the grow house explodes at the very end. Dale, Saul, and Red some how manage to escape from the burning building.

There are plenty examples of great events in Pineapple Express. Dale and Saul smoke a cross joint which is the future of pot smoking, according to Saul. Another great event in the movie is when Red fights Dale and Saul when he believes that Dale and Saul are trying to fight him. The three get in a huge brawl in Red’s house. Saul finally knocks Red out by hitting him over the head with a bong. Even though this epic sounds like it could in no way be serious but there are some serious speeches in the movie.

When Dale comes to Tee’s grow house to save Saul, he tells Saul that he is Orr for being a bad friend and that he really does care about Saul. When Saul is explaining how to smoke the cross Joint, Saul Is really serious about it and tells Dale exactly what to do. As you can see, Pineapple Express contains most of the qualities that make up an epic. In media rest Is the only element that Is not Included In this epic, but the elements that are present outweigh the ones that are not found in the movie, making Appalled Express McNally ten Test epic ever created