Eligibility (IDEA)
You are eligible for assistance from birth-21 and guaranteed FREE assistance from age 3-21
From age 3-21 you are entitled to it
Individualized plan for 504
504 plan is required and the child’s general education teacher is the head of the team
Setting ( IEP)
Special Ed services with LRE
Setting (504)
Usually in general education
Funding (IEP)
Funding (504)
No funding for 504!
Parental consent for evaluation under IDEA
Requires parental consent before evaluation
Parental consent for evaluation for 504
Does not require parental consent for evaluation but does require PARENTAL NOTICE
Reevaluation (idea)
Requires evaluation every 3 years. But you must REVIEW every year
Reevaluation 504
Requires reevaluation “periodically” and before a significant change in placement
Rules for suspending a student who falls under IDEA
Cannot be suspended or expelledif the behavior was related to his/ her disability
Rules for suspension (504)
They can be suspended or expelled for a behavior that was caused by their disability.
Which office controls IDEA
Office of special education and rehab services
Which office controls 504
Office of Civil rights