The developed world Is Miming in an age of globalization, characterized by Economic Elaboration Deregulation Prevarication All of these factors create a reduced role for the state, or so it seems at least on the surface. But the state still plays a significant role in the lives of people and businesses. The State Is Dead State versus Nation Long Live the State” Characteristics of a State: Resident population (as opposed to nomadic) Governed by a recognized authority Recognized by other states Common money and economic policies Other symbolic fixtures such as flags, anthems, alertness Characteristics of a Nation: A nation is a group of people with common cultural factors such as Language Religion Ethnic background Value system/philosophy Historical experiences Nation-sat This is a case where the political boundaries co-incident with national boundaries.

This makes for a strong, unified country. Japan is the best example of a nation-state.

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Nation-Building In non-democratic states, this is an attempt to assimilate and unify people under the state’s political control by Education Common language Rigid political system In democratic states, nation-building may take many different forms including (using Canada as an example) Building infrastructure to unite the country Creating a civil society Providing basic services – health and education – to all Charter of Rights for individual protection against abuse by others, including the state “law, order, and good government” The purpose of nation-building is to reduce internal conflicts, in some cases internal diversity.

In a multi-cultural country such as Canada, where there’s a tendency to elaborate our differences, with the hope that in the ‘Canadian nation’ there are more things that unite us rather than divide us. The US is often referred to as the ‘melting pot’ where different cultures are supposed to mesh together in harmony. Patriotism allegiance too country Nationalism allegiance too nation Nations without States In tense solutions, tender Is a great potential philosophical/cultural differences. Quebec in Canada Palestine Sikhs in India Tamil in Sir Lankan Basques in Spain.