Pollution is affecting places all around the world. It’s affecting global warming, animal dying and contaminating.You can make a difference How to solve pollution   1. Use environmentally safe products Even if this is surprising the leaves and grass that you  wash into the gutter can be harmful to marine life. That’s because our yard waste is in our city streets, it flows into the waterways which goes straight out to the ocean, after it dissolves in the ocean and makes harmful algae. Pesticides and fertilizers washed off lawns or gardens add to the toxics to marine life.  2. Recycle your used motor oil and filters keep up car maintenance to reduce harmful liquids leaking like oil, antifreeze and other harmful liquids. Recycle things that are harmful to the environment for example oil, oil filters, old batteries and unwanted fluids and chemicals. Wash your car with biodegradable soap and if you don’t use that then don’t let any soap get on the ground. Never throw trash out your car window. 3 Recycle Everything You CanLandfill space (where all our trash goes) is filling up quickly and we can  reduce the need for having to find precious, open land for additional capacity. Open land can be better for parks or natural habitat for wildlife and a lot of things that what we throw away can easily be recycled!4. Report illegal dumpingIf you see people polluting report it. Because if you watch it happen and just leave it you’re just as bad as the person doing it. 5. Pick up after your petsWhen you are walking your dog and he poops pick it up because the dog may be deceased and it might roll into a stream or pond. 6.Don’t litter Every time you’re thinking about leaving your garbage where you’re not supposed to rethink. Go to the nearest garbage can. If there are no garbage cans close hold your garbage or put it in your pocket. Even if it sounds disgusting do it remember your helping the environment.How to stop air pollution: use,reuse,recycle,help control common oils from the house, pick up your dog’s poop when you go for a walk, be responsible for your local environment.