The University of Central Florida (UCF) has count among the top universities of the state, owing to the popular career-oriented courses and programs it offers through various colleges. As per the reports issued in 2010, the university currently holds the student population of more than 56,000. This impressive student population is divided among 225 programs offered by 12 colleges and numerous satellite campuses of the university. Here is a discussion on some of the most reviewed programs available at the university.

Business Administration

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The College of Business Administration at the UCF offer bachelor, master and doctoral level programs in the fields like accounting, business administration, management information systems, real estate, finance, taxation and many more. Besides, there are executive level programs in many of these fields with this reputed business school of Florida.


Counted among the nations best engineering schools, the College of Engineering and Computer Science of UFC has recorded numerous achievements so far. The electrical engineering and computer science department of the college has gained noteworthy reputation in the recent times. Besides, there are programs available in the fields like industrial engineering and management systems, construction engineering, environmental engineering and engineering technology.


The College of Medicine of the UFC has a public medical school which is regarded among top selective medical schools of the nation. Biomedical sciences are among the most focused areas of education at this reputed campus of the university. In addition, there are programs available in the fields like biotechnology, molecular biology and microbiology, biomedical sciences and medical laboratory sciences.

Optics and Photonics

The College of Optics and Photonics is the first college of its kind that has been made a part of a public university in the USA. The college offers only master and doctoral level programs in optics and related fields. It also has two reputed research centers with the names Center for Research and Education in Optics and Lasers and Florida Photonics Center of Excellence.

The University of Central Florida courses are also available in the fields like hospitality management, nursing, health and public affairs and many more. These renowned degree programs grant a high status to the university not only in the state but at the national level. is a recommended online resource to gain more information about the courses and academic achievements of the University of Central Florida. The website acts as a comprehensive guide for the U.S. universities and has expert authors who contribute to make it a useful student resource.