These unique fish use their spine-covered body as a defense against predators that may be looking for a meal. When frightened or being attacked by a predator, such as a large shark, the porcupine puffer fish will quickly gulp down large amounts of water till it sees filled up like a balloon, causing its spines to protrude and effectively making itself more difficult to eat. If a predator attempts to eat one of these fish, the devourer will either be forced to let go of the puffer fish, or die trying to consume It.

After the predator abandons Its attempted ambush, the porcupine puffer fish releases all the water it had collected inside of its body, and resumes its normal shape and size which can be up to about three feet long. Porcupine puffer fish are the largest of 120 different species of puffer fish in the world. Puffer fish can be found in tropical oceans all over the world, along with pet and souvenir shops. Typically, these fish will be found living in small caves and holes of lagoons, as well as seaward reefs that range from depths of seven feet to a remarkable 167 feet In PPTP.

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In this cozy living arrangement, ?couplers puffer fish will pelagic spawn (at either sunrise or sunset) in an area where the fertilized eggs will be taken away on the currents to drift into the open ocean. ?D (Perrine 1997) Typically, pairs will spawn together, however there have been several documented cases of a group of males spawning with a single female, making the species of porcupine puffer fish abundant In the world.

Due to their prolific nature these fish have a very stable population status; numbers are not dwindling and they are not being overly affected by human activities or natural events. The largest threat to this species appears to be their popularity as souvenirs. Porcupine puffer fish are often caught and sold to shops where ?¦… [they] are lacquered in their puffed up state…. ?ј and sold as helmets, lanterns and other decorations (Hoover 1993). In addition to their dried form, puffer fish and bookish are also prepared as a delicacy in Japanese restaurants.

In Japan It Is popular to visit an establishment that specializes In ?¦fug?o. A skilled sushi chef will skillfully filet the fish In order to remove most of the poisonous meat, which is made toxic due to an algae that the fish eats. Traditionally, ?cop… A slight amount of poisonous meat is left to be served with the safe portion… ?џ often leaving diners feeling somewhat woozy after consumption (Debilities 1999). While rare, there have been deaths associated with partaking in this risky dish.

While recouping puffer fish are taken for souvenirs and occasionally to eat, ?¦there hash et been an overabundance of them taken from the oceans, leaving their population to remain stable (Perrine I en porcupine purer TLS Is an Incredible animal, which has developed several unique adaptations in order to preserve their species. From their ability to inflate and present spines in order to deter predators, to their curiously toxic meat, the Porcupine puffer fish is truly a unique member of the tallest group of fishes.