I am an advocate for optimistic thinking. However, despite negative obstacles that I had to overcome at a nouns age, I never enabled these problems to hinder my objective In life. I was forced to be self aware and not let the little things blind me In negatively. Throughout life I have always tried to practice and preach to my friends how positive thinking can change a person’s life. From fighting depression to Just wanting to live a stress free life day by day.

Changing the way I approach situations has changed my life for the better. Many psychologists believe if a person truly thinks that they are better they will significantly show improvement due to the expectation and belief that he or she Is going to Improve. I agree with the saying “life Is what you make it”. People can create positive energy. There are a number of things a person can do to enhance their overall well being such as, yoga, meditation, and spiritual practices.

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Also, I agree that we are as good as the company we keep. A person can achieve personal gratification through optimistic thinking and surrounding themselves in a positive environment with others who share in the same outlook. In my opinion, we have the power to control how we perceive negative situations by the way we choose to process the Information. Thus, optimistic people view things as possible and see homeless In control. As a result, they are more likely to be successful, have more confidence and self worth.

On the other hand, a pessimistic person will mostly view this task as impossible or out of their control consequently making them more tense and over whelmed easily by the smallest problems. There’s no getting around life’s problems, people need to attempt to take responsibility for their stress. Since our future Is not written in stone, only we have the power to change It. As we all witness with his positive approach In campaigning President Beam’s words of hope and hang has affected all of us in one form or another.

From his thirty minute inspirational speeches to his simple words of “yes we can” which inspire hope. Thus, through this Obama has made the first step to restore the nation’s confidence in the state of economical crisis by tapping into our egos and make us once again believing in ourselves. By saying this he states that we are as one in chaos and most importantly, we will overcome this together. Positive energy Is contagious. By his positive talking strategies he Inspires us to take more action and not allow us to allow in self pity.

During these hard times when all seems lost, it feels refreshing to know that change has begun. Murphy’s Law states that “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. Things happen when we least expect. It is important to always keep looking on the brighter side and believe that things happen for a reason. Somewhere, someone has it worse. How to cope with the negative situations is a strategy Tanat we snouts all practice. Economically, scenically Ana personal elves we can all benefit. It’s never too late for a pessimist to change his or her way.