I have been a teacher for eight years – working in the same elementary school where I teach third grade. I was lucky to be able to get into such a great school district and took advantage of the position that became available after my student teaching. I had determined that if I was not able to find a position that first year out of school then I would substitute teach, bide my time, and begin pursuing my Masters in Education.

Because the position did become available I was happy to have it and pushed the pursuit of my Masters to the back burner where it has stayed these past eight years. However, because I have been home for the past few months – after giving birth to my first child – I have been re-exploring the idea of using this time to earn by Masters in Education. In fact, because I have the rest of the year on maternity leave I feel that it may be the perfect time to get started on my Masters degree.

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What I discovered is even better. The online Masters in Education program allows me to work from my home computer in pursuing my studies; which means that I don’t have to be physically away from my new baby and do not have to worry about child care that would be required to take traditional college classes.

I am feeling energized by my decision to pursue my Masters in Education and know that I can now do so affordably, conveniently, and in a way that works best for my schedule and for my family – especially my newborn baby. With all that is available now online in terms of education it seems that those eight years may have been worth the wait as I now go after that elusive Masters in Education.