concrete to abstract
When learning new concepts, the teacher knows the importance of moving from…
zone of proximal development with appropriate scaffolding
According to Vygotsky’s theory of learning, instructional sequence of lessons is effective because activities are planned in the…
True or False…Kindergarten students make decisions based on consequence so reminding them of the consequences would be an appropriate action to improve classroom management
cognitive development
flexible grouping, concrete examples, active engagement, and intrinsic motivational techniques are all techniques that supports the students’
the ability to sequence according to a certain criteria such as smallest to largest or shortest to tallest is known as…
Students at this grade level are typically in the preoperational stage and unable to perform conservation tasks
The ability to change direction in thinking enabling a return to the starting point. example: when 2nd graders don’t automatically recognize that if 3+4=7 then 7-4=3;This is known as…
According to Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, 2nd grade students have not yet developed the skills of…

  • Flexible
  • Teacher-directed and
  • Student-centered

An appropriate way for teachers to plan instruction would be to include activities that are:
rephrase the question
According to Vygotsky’s notion of scaffolding, an appropriate way that a teacher can enhance the probability of a successful student response would be to…
blending sounds together to;make words
The need for an instructional intervention to strengthen phonemic awareness would be to assess a student who has trouble…
language and private speech
According to Vygotsky, an activity that includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking in a math unit allows for students to use_________ and __________ as a tool for learning.
According to ____________, how we see the world determines how we think.
According to his theory, how we think determines how we see the world.
pretend play
This type of learning has been linked to:

  • creativity
  • problem-solving
  • language learning and
  • development of adult social roles

individualize instruction and structure activities
Teachers must do this to allow each student to experience a measure of success..
True or False:Students should be encouraged to invent their own games
Imaginary Audience

  • The feeling of others staring at them; watching their every move
  • Sensitivity to attention
  • The need to wear the right clothes with brand name and status symbol

What physiological characteristic is this?

physiological development changes
Imaginary audience and personal fables are known as…
Jean Piaget
He was a predominant figure in the field of cognitive psychology
The process of adjusting prior knowledge gained through former experiences and interactions is known as…
fitting together new information with what has been previously known or understood is known as…
Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development
The notion that cognitive abilities are developed as individuals mature physiologically and they have opportunities to interact with their environment
Birth to age 2
In Piaget’s Stages of Development, the sensorimotor stage is at what age group?
Preoperational stage

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  • many children in primary grades are at this stage
  • individuals think more in terms of what they can’t do than what they can do
  • describes how pre-k and kinder go about problem solving

what stage of development is this?

Preoperational Stage
In Piaget’s Stages of Development, age 2-7 is the…
Concrete Operation Stage
During this stage:

  • learners consider viewpoints other their own
  • can understand reversibility, inversion, reciprocity and conservation
  • can group items into categories
  • make inferences and engage in inductive reasoning
  • can manipulate symbols
  • it is the higher-learning stage

Concrete Operational Stage
Age 7-11 is the __________;___________;stage of Piaget’s Stages of Development?
Formal Operational Stage
Ages 11 to adulthood is considered to be what stage of Piaget’s Stages of Development
Formal Operational Stage
Learning in this stage:

  • engage in logical, abstract, and hypothetical thought
  • use scientific method, formulate hypothesis, isolate influences, and identify cause and effect
  • plan and anticipate verbal cues
  • engage in deductive and inductive reasoning

this stage characterizes the higher level of thought

SensorimotorPreoperationalConcrete OperationFormal Operation
Name the 4 stages of cognitive development in order.
His theory states that preschoolers and primary school-age children must be able to function in the outside world independently of parents.
Personal Fable

  • The belief that “my life is different from everyone else’s”
  • promotes a feeling of isolation
  • promotes a willingness to engage in risky behavior

are all characteristics of what physiological development changes?


  • This term;refers;to all processes where knowledge is required
  • Covers smell, touch, and sound
  • Covers analysis, synthesis, and critical thinking

cognitive abilities
one’s ability to think is known as…
undertaking and completing tasks because they see the value in doing so is known as being _______________ motivated…
undertaking and completing tasks because of the desire to please others or to earn good marks is known as being ________ motivated.
Always doing the unexpected and sometimes unwanted are students who are…
Students who always follow the rules are…
Preceptual Strengths
Knowing a student’s learning style as visual, auditory, tactile, or kinesthetic are known as what type of strengths?
print awareness skills
when a child does not know how to handle books, locate print on a page, retell stories, recognize environmental print, and/or does not connect the written and spoken word is said to have not developed…
committee review
this type of review is an appropriate action for a student who is not responding to interventions.; It allows support services from other campus personnel to be solicited to help the student.
stereotypical roles and heterogeneous
One way to eliminate gender bias in the classroom so that all students feel empowered to reach their goals would be to avoid _______________ and use _____________groups for collaborative activities.
global learners
When teachers begin the lesson with a story so students see the value and relevance of the new learning, they are enhancing instruction for what type of learners?
graphic organizers
Teachers can provide this to ESL students who are having difficulty understanding content.
validate students as knowers
Motivational principles such as:

  1. showing an interest in students both in school and outside school
  2. allowing the students to question the teacher and
  3. valueing students’ opinions, ideas, comments

are 3 ways that…


  • The lowest category of cognitive domain for Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • It is similar to a closed question with one obvious right answer

Word such as:

  • choose, define, read, list, describe, recall, name, state, identify, pick, collect, who, what, when, where

are all descriptive verbs for what level of Bloom’s Taxonomy?

Word such as:

  • classify, compare, contrast, demonstate, give examples, summarize, restate, explain, rephrase, outline, estimate, relate

are all descriptive verbs for what level of Bloom’s Taxonomy?

this level is known as the 2nd lowest level of Bloom’s Taxonomy.
this level is known as the 1st higher level of Bloom’s Taxonomy.
Word such as:

  • apply, chart, develop, build, solve, predict, compute, construct, model, illustrate, develop, assess, calculate

are all descriptive verbs for what level of Bloom’s Taxonomy?

The 2nd highest level of Blooms. It involves taking something apart, looking at all the pieces, and then making a response
Word such as:

  • analyze, break down, categorize, distinguish, infer, reduce, differentiate, dissect, distinguish

are all descriptive verbs for what level of Bloom’s Taxonomy?

Developing a new way to solve problems, writing a short story, or designing an experiment.;An example question might be “what do you predict will happen if we combine these two chemicals?”;What Bloom’s category is this?
Word such as:

  • build, rearrange, modify, revise, validate, construct, create, design, compile, collaborate, compose, propose

are all descriptive verbs for what level of Bloom’s Taxonomy?

Word such as:

  • justify, defend, judge, debate, interpret, decide, assess, value, prove

are all descriptive verbs for what level of Bloom’s Taxonomy?


  • The highest level of Blooms
  • Involves the question “why” or request to “justify your answer”
  • This level must build on previous levels

Name the stages of Bloom’s Taxonomy in order from least to greatest.
anticipatory set

  • Developing a focus or introduction to a lesson
  • It gets the attention of students interests

self-directed learners
Providing a list of objectives and having students develop and carry out two activities to help them meet the objectives will encourage students to be…
with student expectations at the state standards
When choosing activities for a unit, how should they be aligned?
preview the website to determine if it is appropriate
Before incorporating a website into a unit, the most important thing a teacher should do 1st is to…

  1. using smaller groups
  2. increasing time for instruction and practice
  3. scaffolding instruction

A teacher can best adapt instruction for a struggling reader by:
organizing new information into categories
Graphic organizers could best help students retain facts from reading by…
give a direct clue
A teacher calls on a student to answer a question.; The student does not answer seems confused.; The best approach for dealing with students such as this would be for the teacher to…
Examples such as:

  • changing the format of information
  • creating a graph from a narrative description of a survey

are both examples of what Bloom’s category

retention”retaining new learning”

  • degree of original learning
  • feeling tone
  • meaning and
  • schedule of practice

are all important factors for:

sponge activities
This type of activity is an effective way of establishing intrinsic motivation such as getting to class on time.
operant conditioning
A reading program that allows students to take a comprehension test and earn points for each book as a positive consequence to increase the likelihood of repeated behavior is an application of…
operant conditioning
This conditioning proposes that a behavior will reoccur as a result of reinforcement or punishment-rewarded behaviors will reoccur-punished behaviors will disappear
Ignoring a behavior or taking no action is known as…

  • success
  • interest level
  • degree of original learning

are all principles of…

classical conditioning
Flicking the light switch off for a few seconds without making any comments to help students refocus and work quietly is known as…
level of difficulty
When reorganizing the classroom lirary to help foster independent reading for students, the most appropriate way to organize the library would be to arrange books in baskets that are grouped by…
appropriately spaced to reduce distractions
when rearranging the physical classroom environment to increase student attention during whole group instruction, the teacher should ensure that the students are…
establishing regular schedules and routines andkeeping materials accessible
To enable students to engage independently in purposeful, on-task behavior, a teacher can best achieve this goal by…
apply established consequences each time the student speaks out of term
One way a teacher can help develop self-regulation skills for a student who often calls out answers to the teacher’s questions without raising their hand or being called on would be to…
group contingency
“If the class averages 95% on the quiz, there will be no essay questions on the final test.”;This example is one way to promote…
praise the student for his/her appropriate behavior
The most effective technique to help minimize disruptions from a student who frequently misbehaves would be to…
ask the question then call on a student
an effective approach that would enhance questioning techniques to check for understanding and to keep students focused would be to…
specific, accurate, and clear
When communicating, a teacher’s message should be…
Name the Bloom’s Taxonomy in order from lowest to highest
bend or kneel down to the students’ level
A nonverbal technique that can best facilitate communication between two pre-k students who are involved in a dispute would be to…
Remembers, recalls learned information; memorized… What level of Bloom’s Taxonomy is this?
Understands the meaning of information and is able to restate in own words…;What level of Bloom’s Taxonomy is this?
Using information in a new situation… What level of Bloom’s Taxonomy is this?
Breaks down information into component parts; examines part for divergent thinking and inferences…;What level of Bloom’s Taxonomy is this?
Creates something new by divergently or creatively using information… What level of Bloom’s Taxonomy is this?
Judges on the basis of informed criteria…;What level of Bloom’s Taxonomy is this?
deductive strategy
A method in which teachers present material through lecture, or students teach each other through presentation Activities include practice and review of information through games or tournaments and presentations by the teacher or students
inductive strategy

  • lessons are inquiry or discovery
  • often starts with a thought-provoking question for which students are interested in finding an explanation
  • includes brainstorming and categorizing information
  • includes research and higher-level thinking such as analysis and synthesis

justify and defend their answers
one way that teachers can stimulate critical thinking would be to ask students to…
“the test was hard”
A student who is externally motivated would likely comment that ____________________after making a low grade on a test.
previewed and approved by the teacher
resources should neer be used with a class unless they have been…

  • school, college/university, county, and city libraries
  • education service centers


Name some of the resource areas that educators could use and be familiar with.
December 2000
The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and the Neighborhood Children’s Internet Protection Act (N-CIPA) was passed by Congress in _____________ requiring children’s internet protection.
“fair use”
Section 107 of the 1976 Copyright Act includes a major limitation in the doctrine of…
“fair use”
This doctrine allows for the limited reproduction of copyrighted works for educational and research purpose
setting up the computer stations in which the teacher cannot see the monitors
What is an ineffective arrangement for setting up computers in the classroom?
Teacher Monitoring
What other component is necessary to ensure viewing of appropriate information?
only one
To ensure the legal use of software, teachers should install software on how many computers?
shareware requires registration after a certain length of time
In relation to shareware, teachers should adhere to copyright laws and avoid software piracy by remembering that…;

  • Increase productivity and
  • Enhance learning

To major goals of implementing classroom tehnology in EC-6 classrooms would be to:
informal measures
Observations, journals, written drafts, and conversations are examples of…
formal measures
Teacher-made tests, standardized tests, and district exams are examples of…
recall of factual information
Tests that are lower levels of knowledge such as:

  • multiple choice, true/false, matching, fill in the blank

would be most effective to test…;

higher-level thinking skills
Projects, papers, and portfolios can provide assessment of…
criterion-referenced tests

  • This type of test is measured agains objectives and/or criteria
  • Allows the possibility that all students can score 100 percent
  • It is a noncompetitive test

Anecdotal Record
This type of observation uses a checklist to record observed behavior over time
Norm-referenced tests

  • an achievement test
  • scores are reported as percentile
  • compares performance with that of a group

performance based tests

  • This type of test allows students to be creative in solutions to problems or questions
  • allows students to use higher-level thinking skills
  • assesses how well students perform certain tasks

criterion-referenced test
The TAKS test is a…
Asking students to retell a story to make sure they understand and remember important story events is what type of assessment?
When test scores are consistent but the tests are not measuring the content of the units, it is considered to be an error in…
send home the student’s folder for a required signature
A system of daily communication to help keep parents informed of student’s progress and involved in the academic development of the student would be to…
True or False:If a student begins to show repeated weaknesses in work or attitude toward work, the teacher should call the parent for a conference regarding the student.
True or False:If a teacher has a parent who primarily speak Spanish, the teacher can request that a bilingual teacher be present at a parent-teacher conference in order to provide traanslations as needed.;
The primary role of an aide working with a student with a disability would be to facilitate the student’s ability to participate in and benefit from instruction planned by the…
This type of conference sets a purpose for observations and sets the tone for a successful appraisal
Two students who demonstrate an ongoing conflict
Name a situation that could best be addressed by the grade-level counselor.
engage in data-driven dialogue
Name an activity that would be most effective to engage team members on purposeful reflections of after-school tutorials

  • Book studies
  • Peer observations
  • Professional organization affiliations

Name some activities that could effectively contribute to site-based professional development
Family Education Rights and Privacy Act
What does FERPA stand for?
48 hours
Suspected child abuse must be reported by the school personnel to CPS or an appropriate agency within…
review and access information pertaining to their child only
Under the FERPA law, parents have the right to…
ARD Committee
An IEP is written by what committee?
Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
It guarantees equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities.  What law/act is this?
False…they are NOT the same
True or False:Learning disabilities ARE the same as mental retardation, autism, deafness, blindness, or behavioral disorders
Individuals with Disabilites Education Act of 1997
What does IDEA stand for and what year was it established?
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
The purpose of this law is to ensure that all children with disabilities have available to them a free appropriate public education that emphasizes special education and related service.  What law/act is this?
Admissions, Review, and Dismissal
What does ARD stand for?
Acceptable Use Policy
Offering to give a password to another teacher or signing another teacher on to a computer violates the district’s…
Individualized Education Program (IEP)
A student with multiple disabilities have a full-time aide assigned to work with him.; The primary responsibility of the classroom teache will be to provide the student with instructions that promote the student’s progress in achieving the learning goals specified in the student’s…
The National Educational Association’s Code of Ethics of the Education Profession
This code of ethics is based on:commitment to the student and the profession
The Texas Administrative CodeTitle 19, Part 7
This code states that the educator shall exemplify the highest standards of professional commitment.  What is the name of this code?  What is the title and part number?
An instructional technique in which the teacher models the desired learning strategy or task, then gradually shifts responsibility to the students is known as…
zone of proximal development
What a child can do with help/guidance and what he or she can do without help/guidance is known as…
According to Piaget, this is how learning occurs.It is the process of adjusting schemes through assimilation or accomodation.
Mental patterns that guide behavior.  They help children process and organize information to make sense of the environment.