Summarized information on condom promotion program introduced by National Medical Association Journal gives a good overview of condom using practice’s current status and its relation to increased number of HIV and other sexual activity related diseases during the last 5 five years. It has targeted African American male population as the most risky group, therefore it is a valuable informational source for planning further researching/practical activities.

For getting a brief overview on the topic, it is better to get involved in reading the Urban African American… article, but for building a qualified practical guidance for further condom using popularization programs and their development among other ethical groups Quantitative Report data builds a solid baseline and gives a good guidance with all required components’ description.

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Statistically comparing the researches’ data provided by AIDS Patients Care Journal in the year 2007 and the results of the similar program have taken place in the year 2009, we can build a relevant chart in order to compare and find out if the offered approach has worked and if it will be applicable for other ethical groups and countries. Practicing the research cases Implementation condom promotion researches on practice still challengeable because very often the audience is unprepared for taking such curve in their sexual activity due to personal, religious or relationship’s issues.

Today, we need understanding safety of sexual life. It is our future and future of the next generations, as it is the only obvious way to survive thru AIDS/STDs and other sex related diseases. Theoretically, there are not so many obstacles in condom using research participating, however at practice we are going to deal with youth audience, where the problem age is multiplied on the problem question.

Trustful and transparent communication, free from ethical, religious and social bias will work on practice with the youngest groups of respondents therefore the researchers should be aware about age peculiarities and cultural differences. The statistical data gathered as a result of practical implementation of condom using research and survey enrolled among young African American respondents shows the importance and significance of condom using issue.

It makes a big impact on public health and urban African American males’ behavior, as well as on limitations existing in sexual life. Conclusion Summarizing the ideas reflected in the both articles, there is a necessity to consider that condoms using ignoring bring the significant public health risk concerns nowadays, so condom using studies, HIV/STDs prevention material, relevant surveys and condoms’ promotion programs help us to make a next step in our healthy tomorrow. References: 1. Kennedy, S.

, Nolen, S. , Applewhite, J. , Waiter, E. (2007). Urban African-American Males’ Perceptions of Condom Use, Gender and Power, and HIV/STD Prevention Program. Journal of the National Medical Association. vol. 99, December, 17, p. 2-6. 1. Kennedy, S. , Nolen, S. , Applewhite, J. , Pan, Z. , Shamblen, S. , ; Vanderhoff, K. (2007). A Quantitative Study on the Condom-Use Behaviors of Eighteen- to Twenty-Four–Year-Old Urban African American Males. AIDS Patients Care and STDs. Vol. 21, November, 5, pp. 2-13.