Abstract Mosquito nowadays are very widely spread, they can be found almost everywhere around the world. Mosquito carry a deadly virus that can be transferred to your bloodstream. Our mosquito trap solves that! It can attract and lure mosquito and trap them. The mosquito are then decreased in numbers. Just place them on strategic locations on your home to decrease the number of mosquito on your home. We searched the Internet for valuable Information about mosquito, we found UT that they can survive almost any condition.

We also found out that they are attracted to sweets and are drawn to color Black. So we come up with a mosquito trap that has something sweet on it and has black on it. If we did our research well, surely catch these mosquito and help millions of people around the world> Background of the Study Mosquito carry a deadly virus that went transferred can cause fatalities and even death. Mosquito numbers nowadays are rising and controlling them is a very odious process, so we thought of something that will eliminate this problem and help millions of people.

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Statement of the Problem Mosquito carry deadly virus that can affect millions of people around the world. Mosquito are very uncontrollable nowadays Mosquito are often found anywhere here on earth. How can we eliminate this? Significance of the Study Our Investigatory project can and will help many people whose house space or residence area are full of mosquito. Our project will not harm the environment because It doesn’t contains any chemicals. If our project succeed we can help a lot of people in the process.

Scope and Limitations *How long the solution last? *How many times do you need to change the solution? *How many mosquito can be trapped? *How effectively it can trap mosquito? Methodology: Materials and Procedures Results Ana Delusion We tested some batch of it and in Just 24 Hours mosquito are trapped and contained inside the bottle We therefore conclude that this mosquito trap works as intended to if you place in on your house mosquito numbers should drop.