Prenatal Women Daily Activity List ?C Regular doctor visits (beginning between 6-8) (from Write Point: [Write out numbers under 10]) ?C Eat a balanced diet ?C Exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes everyday (from Write Point: [Check peeling: “everyday” is an adjective meaning common or ordinary (This is an everyday sweatshirt); “every day” means “each day”]) ?C Get the recommended sleep Where is the citation for the information found in this list?

Without a citation, a reader does not know from where the information originated and cannot find the resource to verify the Information. Explanation first doctor?was appointment should be between weeks six and eight. The doctor will run blood test and will prescribe prenatal vitamins. Taking these prenatal vitamins will help your baby?was brain and spinal cord develop. Regular doctor sits can prevent diabetes, upperclassman, anemia, and other infectious diseases.

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Preventing these diseases is very (informal) important to encourage healthy prenatal development. Eating a balanced diet will provide your child with the necessary nutrients while getting adequate sleep can prevent the mother from additional stress. Exercise will help a woman prepare her body for delivery. Stretching, moderate cardiovascular, and moderate strength exercise will promote healthy muscles and Joints. According to the directions, you were to make sure that your explanation is based on developmental theory. Unfortunately, I see nothing bout a developmental theory in this section. Postpartum Women ?C moderate-intensity aerobic activity ?C Eat a balanced diet ?C Breastfeeding (missing a citation) Explanation After birth, (from Write Point: [Avoid splitting a verb (begin) from its modal (should). Try “… Should begin gradually” or “gradually should begin”]) a mother should gradually begin moderate-intensity aerobic activity such as walking. If a mother exercises, a child will be more likely to continue the same behavior.

Eating a balanced diet will promote milk production and will give you the strength to care for your baby. Breastfeeding not only helps a mother loose (from Write Point: [Check spelling?This is a verb meaning to make “not tight. ” “Lose” means to fail to keep or possess]) excess Danny welling, out also (Trot write Pilot: [Remove comma (IT TN following is not an independent clause or last element in a series)]) encourages a healthy bond between mother and child.

According to the directions, you were to make sure that your explanation is based on developmental theory. Unfortunately, I see nothing about a developmental theory in this section. Conclusion Following these recommendations, with (from Write Point: [Remove comma before with” (unless beginning or ending a parenthetical phrase)]) consent from your doctor, will (from Write Point: Remove comma]) help promote a healthy lifestyle for both mother and baby.

Taking care of yourself is the most important thing to remember because you must be healthy in order to (from Write Point: [Writing suggestion–the meaning will be the same (and less wordy) by removing “in order”] ) help your child. References Berger, K. (2010). Invitation to the Life Span. Retrieved from http://www. Phoenix. Du. Family Doctor. (2010). Retrieved from http://www. Familiarized. Org