Synopsis This story follows the lives of four girls-Alison DiLaurentis, the “Queen Bee” of Rosewood Day, and her clique: Spencer Hastings the perfectionist that’s always trying to outdo her over-achiever sister and the only girl in the group to ever stand up to Alison, Hanna Marin who’s overweight and so desperate to be popular that she bends to Alison’s will, Aria Montgomery the former outsider, and Emily Fields the competitive swimmer from an ultra-conservative family who is most protective of Alison.

Before the start of the 8th grade, Ali disappears after getting into a heated argument with Spencer at a sleepover with the other girls, and the group falls apart. Three years later, Aria back from Iceland where her dad was offered a job soon after Alison’s dissapearance she felt more confident, beautiful, and stylish than ever. When she returned to town she found former nerd Mona Vanderwaal and a newly-thin Hanna to be the new social leaders of Rosewood Day.

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Soon Aria began an affair with her English teacher, Spencer fell for her sister’s boyfriend, Emily was in love with the new girl at school, and Hanna not only shoplifted, but also made herself throw up to stay thin. Suddenly a mysterious person called “A” threatened to reveal the girls secrets from past and present, including ones they thought only Alison knew, and one in particular that the girls refer to as “The Jenna Thing. ” Ultimately, Alison’s body is found cemented in her former back yard, and the DiLaurentis family holds a funeral for Alison in Rosewood,but by the end of the book the identity of “A” remains unknown.

Characters Protagonist: Spencer Hastings-Spencer is an incredibly smart, but an extremely competitive student, who is both Alison DiLaurentis’ rival and friend. She’s a perfectionist from striving to be valedictorian to scoring the most goals in field hockey, Spencer is on a mission to out-do her older sister, Melissa. But no matter how high her GPA is or how many extracurricular clubs she smashes into her schedule, the only time Spence scores more than Melissa is when it comes to Melissa’s boyfriends. Aria Montgomery-Aria used to be Rosewood’s resident weird girl—but that was before a trip to Iceland did her a world of good.

Aria is artsy and imaginative, with hipster style, and a passion for knitting and writing. Hanna Marin-Hanna used to be chubby and super nerdy… until she met Alison, which was when Hanna started purging to lose weight. But that was before a killer make-over helped Hanna and her friend, Mona Vanderwaal, to their rightful place as Rosewood Day’s reigning queen bees. With her own Amex, long brown hair, flawless skin, and a to-die-for body, Hanna seems to have it all. Emily Fields- Emily is the jock of the group being a competitive swimmer and is also the shyest of the group coming from a strict old-fashioned family.

Emily discovered her sexual feelings for girls, and secretly went out with Maya St. [-;0]Germain, her neighbor who was currently living in Ali’s former home, for a while before her parents found out about the relationship and forced her to go to “Tree Tops,” a rehabilitation center for gays. Antagonist- “A”- “A” is an anonymous person who sends embarrassing and often threatening texts to Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Emily Fields, and Hanna Marin. Other Characters- Jenna Cavanaugh- Classmate of the girls who was the main target of all their pranks, and who went blind in the 7th grade due to an “accident”.

Melissa Hastings-Melissa is uptight, and for years she and Spencer compete for their parents recognition and Melissa appears to be the favored child who can do no wrong. She always seems to one-up Spencer in everything, however, one area the sisters seems to be evenly matched in is romance, every long-term boyfriend of Melissa’s seems equally or more interested in Spencer. Mona Vanderwaal-Mona was one of the dorky kids of Rosewood Day middle school, Ali and her friends used to make fun of, but Mona reinvented herself.

As a high schooler, was slim with light blonde hair, light blue eyes, and a few freckles. Maya St. Germain-She’s the girl that moved into Alison’s old house. She and Emily bond, and the two soon begin to develop romantic feelings for each other, and eventually they become a couple, but their relationship is interrupted when Maya is caught with drugs and sent off to a rehab-type program. Setting This story takes place in a small suburb in Pennsylvania named Rosewood. It was the kind of town were if anyone didn’t follow the rules they would be shunned from the rest of society.

All the people were the same, “carbon-copies” of each other some might say, people who did anything different were portrayed as weird. Rosewood was full of horse-riding, polo-shirt-wearing, Coach-satchel-toting girls who were all rich and popular. Every Rosewood boy was a carbon copy as well, they all played lacrosse wore white Nike T-shirts, baggy shorts, and backwards baseball caps. And the parents of Rosewood were all the same as well showed everything great and hid all of the nasty truths. Author Sara Shepard is an American author known for the bestselling Pretty Little Liars[->1] series of young-adult novels.

She graduated from Downington West High School in Downingtown, Pennsylvania in 1995, and got her undergraduate degree from New York University. She later received an MFA from Brooklyn College. She recently moved from Tucson, Arizona back to Philadelphia’s Main Line with her husband and dogs. Related Info Sara Shepard has also written… Flawless[-;2] Perfect[-;3] Unbelievable[-;4] Wicked[-;5] Killer[-;6] Heartless[-;7] Wanted[-;8] Twisted[-;9] If you enjoyed this book you might also like… Gossip Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar. The Clique by Lissi Harrison

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