Question: Compare and contrast two rulers; Plato’s “Philosopher Kings” and Machiavelli’s “Prince” in terms of their understanding of goodness of their citizens and their character. Who would you support more? Why? Think of specific areas of comparison and introduce them in a table of at least five lines with their referencing chapter numbers. Refer to Plato’s Republic, Books IV and VII and Machiavelli’s The Prince, Chapters from 15 to 23. Step 1 * Explaining the basic concepts of Philosopher Kings and Machiavelli Prince. Explaining the differences between Philosopher Kings and Machiavelli’s Prince.

Key words: Citizens, Prince, Rulers, Philosopher Kings Step 2 * Understanding of goodness of Philosopher Kings and Machiavelli’s Prince citizens and their characters and also essay question asks about two distinctive types of rulers so comparison of the two sides in terms of types of rule. Two different views exist between Plato and Machiavelli, both having different ideas on virtues, structure of government, and role of populace. Step 3 * Basic concepts of Philosopher kings; explaining philosopher king’s type of rule. Main virtues of philosopher king and structure of government.

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Key words: Guardians, auxiliaries, wisdom, moderation, justice * Basic concepts of Machiavelli Prince; Machiavelli’s principality is formed by the ruler at the top, and then comes the elites and the populace. Key words: Populace, elites, army. Thesis: There are some differences between Philosopher king and Machiavelli’s Prince in terms of ruling the society and citizenship. Both have some good sides and bad sides both view depends on virtues and wisdom, however, Plato’s philosopher king concept is much more rational than Prince because Plato’s concept is better than Prince in terms of goodness and characters.