Privatization is the process of
selling companies or organizations that owned by the government to private
investors. Privatization has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage
is that the investors might have a good economic condition than the government.
The disadvantage of this is the rate might grow and the water privatization
will have less governmental control which could lead to major problems.

Many people will agree that these
private investors consider water as an economic income rather than a human
right. While the government thinks the opposite. If the privatization of water
is done and private investors are getting profit it means that thousands of
innocent civilians might die not because they are jealous just because of the
high rate that some people can’t afford.

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In the Delegation of Germany, water
supply has fallen under the responsibility of local authorities. Most town and
city councils are managing water supply system, maintaining water pipes,
ensuring that there enough water pipes for every home. Sometimes councils grant
concessions to private investors. But in rare cases is the operation of water
supply sectors in private hands. If companies that operate across Europe assume
control of water supply in the Delegation of Germany, compliances with
standards of hygiene may be put at risk and can cause several skin diseases.

In the Delegation of Germany, Berlin
serves as an example of what can happen when the management of water supply is
privatized. The prices for water in Germany rose steadily, to more than 30%
percent today. Out of this 30 %, minimum 5 to 10 percent are pure profit which
was and will not be added back to Berlin’s water supply. Instead of investing
in the city’s water supply infrastructure, the investors pocketed the profits.
Unlike local authorities which are legally bounding to put the interest of the
civilians and their right to water first.

If water privatization happened in
any of the countries it may lead to major problems which are the people might
start the protest against the government because of the high rate which many
people cannot afford. The delegation of Germany hopes that in rare cases water
will be privatized.