The female managers have proven to have higher average and a lower variance in their scores. A final conclusion is that in regards to the managerial aspects, the female managers have a more controlled environment as to the males have a larger variance in their styles leaving a higher standard deviation.

The data represents that there is a difference in regards to the male managers and female managers in regards to management styles. 5) In regards to a training program, I would take the 5 highest scoring men and woman from the results. I would find out what these 5 individuals are doing by conducting short answer questionnaires to find out what is working for them and what they have found to not work. After finding out what worked for these individuals I would have them collaborate with their ideas and come up with 3 of the most efficient methods that have worked to motivate their team.

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I would have them work alt ten Millennial managers won nave ten lowest ranking scores to review want teen are doing and find out maybe some things that they feel are not productive. After targeting some areas of opportunity I would have the manager’s work on the areas to improve their leadership skills. As for the managers in the mean of the group I would offer monthly and quarterly trainings on some things that have been proven by the best managers to make them productive. From these ideas all of the managers would be able to have input and work together so that all of the managers can work together to help the entire company.