Health insurance in the United States of America is supposed to be one of the fundamental provisions to the citizen by the government, but this is not the case. According to a recent survey it is clear that although there is provision of health insurance services, still a great percentage of the population is not covered with health insurance policy. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation “approximately 43 million people are not insured “, and this has led to a lot of death rate in the united states especially in the southern states. About 18,000 people die per year in the United States of America due to lack of medical insurance.

At the same time it has been established that one in every seven employed people are not insured against the health problems. Lack of specific guidelines for health insurance policy is a great disadvantage in the United States of America for the implementation of the specified goals. Although the government has proposed that by 2010 everybody should be covered by the health insurance, this goal may not be reached if the government has not taken measures in time to solve this problem. Robertson and others says that “the improvement of the health insurance policy lies on the hands of the congress and the president”.

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Health policies should be promoted in the Federal, State and Local governments at large. This entire problem can be solved by making the coverage universal, continuous, cheaper and by providing patient centered insurance of good quality. (Robertson et al 67-69). The government should make the health coverage to be universal. Most of the insured citizens have been insured by their employers, parents, and spouses. Those who do not fall under these categories do not have the health policies at all. Some of the companies do not even insure their workers.

Health coverage policies has to be provided by the government to all citizens regardless of the age, sex, marital status, race, religion, employment status, and even demographic locations. Thus the health insurance must be universal since everyone is prone to health hazards regardless of the prevailing circumstances. The gorvenment should provide more funding to the health insurance policies. Actually the United States of America government spends about 480 billion in excess compared to other developed nations in the world in governing and other unnecessary policies instead of concentrating on the health status of their citizens.

(Robertson et al 69). The health insurance has to be made as cheaper as possible so as to make it more affordable to all. About 68 percent of the population is uninsured because of the high cost of insurance in the health field. Furthermore high health costs have been found to hinder financial security of the citizens of the United States of America. The high costs of health insurance has been contributed by the high administrative spending, poor management practices which has led to high health insecurity in the society.

(Robertson et al 69). According to Nolte and McKee, health insurance to be of any importance should be continuous. The benefits of health insurance have to continue even after the retirement age, regardless of the age and even after migrating to another state of the country. Since most of the health insurances tend to be terminated after a specific period most of the individuals who are suffering from long term diseases such as cancer, diabetes, AIDS, mental illness have been prone to death. (Nolte and McKee 1-2).

The government must provide the quality assurance on the services provided by the insurance companies. (Chovan et al 1-4). Most of the insurance companies tend to concentrate on making profits but not on providing quality services to their clients. The health insurance coverage has to be patient centered, safe and equitable. It should also be reachable or accessible when needed. The measures provided above should be implemented to the highest level by the gorvenment of United States of America. The health insurance system can improve highly and hence improve the live hood of its citizens.

Lack of control of health policies by the government is the greatest problem in the health insurance system. (Quadagno 185-187). What is needed is maximum concentration on the importance of health insurance by the government and at the same time the public should be educated on the importance of such services. Works cited: Chovan. T et al. ”Individual Health Insurance”: A comprehensive Survey of Affordability, Access and Benefits, 2005. 1-6 Kaiser Family Foundation: Employee Health Benefits, 2008 Annual Survey. September, 2008.

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