Procter & Gamble company launched the
advertisement campaign for the Old Spice brand in February 2010 conducted by Wieden & Kennedy agency. They finally come up the name for the campaign: “Smell like a
Man, Man.”  And it began
with the video commercial: “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” In the video, Isaiah Mustafa, a former
NFL player, is in a bathroom wearing a towel only and greets “Hello ladies!” in
a confident and musculus voice. He begins
his monologue speech which describes how “anything is possible” when a man uses
Old Spice body wash. Next, he moves
smoothly from the bathroom to a sailboat where he shows an oyster which has “two
tickets to that thing you love” instead of a pearl. After that Mustafa holds
his hand and diamonds appear and fall down
from it, and then he claims again that,
“anything is possible when your man smells like Old Spice and not a lady.” At last, the advertisement ends with Mustafa’s
surprise words “I’m on a horse,”; and the
camera zooms out to show the viewers that Mustafa is, in fact, riding a beautiful white horse. Additionally, the last
scene of the video, where Mustafa is riding a horse and holding the Old Spice
wash, become one of the most well-known print advertisement for the campaign. After
the first video advertising, the agency also launched the following social
campaign where Mustafa posted 186 short videos on social medias replying the
comments and questions of viewers in the same style of the first commercial. As a result, the Old Spice
campaign’s agency efficiently used the two
of three primary aspects of appeal, ethos
and pathos, to raise public ‘s recognition
positively about Old Spice, while in the meantime
helped Old Spice products sale increased significantly for years.

            Initially, ethos is the reputation, character,
or credibility of a specific person, people, culture, or movement. In the case
of Old Spice advertisement campaign, the agency chose Mustafa, who is muscular,
handsome and manly would ensure the credibility as the Old Spice Guy. The action of creating the flow of
diamonds from Old Spice Guy’s hand implies that the Guy is rich, and with the “two tickets to that thing you love” staying inside the white oyster
promote that he can fulfill any lady’s needs. Moreover, throughout 186 small
videos that Mustafa answers for questions and comments of the audience, his
reputation and popularity have spread out rapidly through the social media which
also help build up his credibility.

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            However, the Old Spice ‘s ethos is not the best thing  the Wieden & Kennedy agency developed while
conducting the commercial. It is the pathos that mainly affect this succesfull
campaign.  With the mildly and indirect sex attractiveness, gentle humor and the
targeting of both men and women audience, Old Spice campaign effectively draw
the audience’s attention