This is how a company would go about acquiring assets, this
could be assets such as computers, desks and even chairs. There are many
options a company can go through when trying to acquire assets, this can be
done by regular purchasing, buying in bulk or borrowing. There are times when
each of these would be useful for example if you need to buy new monitors for
computers you could buy these in bulk as it is cheaper, if there are a few
chairs that are broken you could buy these individually, and then if there is
some sort of even going on assets could be leased from other companies but it
is imperative that when leased the assets are not damaged.

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Sustainability and environmental issues

When an asset is no longer usable by the company they would
opt to throwing them out however there are many safer and environmental ways of
getting rid of them. This is why an organisation/company would need to have
some sort of plan that can be put in place for when circumstances where
unusable assets need to be thrown away. The old assets could be recycled, so
that new assets can be made out of the old ones. The organisation/company could
also sell their unwanted assets to other companies who may want them which
would help them to make some money back


This is where you come across a problem and report said
problem to a it technician in the hopes that the problem will be solved, this
is extremely useful as it means that someone who has little to no knowledge in
how to fix the problem would have the problem sorted.

Documentation and problem escalation procedures

This is when a computer related problem that has been
reported must also be documented along with a solution when one is found, this
would help as a reference for other people to look at if they ever come across
the same problem. This is a useful system to implement within an organisation
as it will increase the work speed as problems will get solved faster as time
goes on. If, however the problem is not solved or documented properly this
could lead to escalation procedures, which simply means that if the first line
of help can’t offer much help then the second line of help will come to solve
the problem as they are more knowledgeable in what to do and how to do it in
order to fix any problems that may arise.