As vice president of Human Resources for VS Lecoin’s Family Hospital I am responsible for 500 employees. I have a proposal that will address what type of staff VS Lecoin’s Family Hospital requires, what type of organizational behaviors we should include in the facility toward our staff, workforce diversity, implementing diversity, employee relations, and employee retention plans. I also want to focus on why we should not use outsourcing for this facility. Brief background on the VS Lecoin’s Family Clinic and objectives.

VS Lecoin’s Family Hospital is medical facility that has a collaborating team of pediatricians, family practitioners, obstetricians, gynecologists, nurses, radiologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, laboratory technicians, medical office assistants, and administrators. Our goal is to help provide the best solutions for an individual or an entire family to achieve optimum health and quality of life. The facilities objective is to work closely with the family to conduct optimum diagnostic assessments for better health care.

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VS Lecoin’s Family Hospital is a community of medical professionals specializing in various medical needs within one facility to ensure aspects of family care is properly met. Five years of organizational behavior has influenced the organization’s effectiveness Over the last five years, the organizational behavior influences the effectiveness of how VS Lecoin’s Hospital operates within the staff and with the patients in a positive manner.

Specifically, the organization focuses on striving for excellence by providing safe and confidential health practices, focus on the behaviors of the medical staff, focus on the patients needs, and works to show unity and teamwork with the collaboration between staff members as well as interacting with the patients. The goal essentially to increase communication, organizational performance, satisfaction, commitment, and working together to maintain a successful health care facility at VS Lecoin’s Family Hospital.

Workforce diversity, implementing diversity, employee relations, and employee retention plans VS Lecoin’s Family Hospital strives to reflect on adding diversity to our facility that mirrors the community and beyond. The best way to add diversity within the facility is to be mindful of the Federal EEOC (U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) guidelines regarding using the protocols of not discriminating against people because of their age, race, gender, minority, and other minority groups.

Secondly, VS Lecoin’s Family Hospital must find a way to implement recruiting diverse medical personnel (2013). To effectively implement diversity, the facility will engage in providing training courses to all qualified candidates whereas still seeking to open doors to a diverse group to represent unity and equality within the facility (2013). Employee relations plays a role in regarding diversity by setting the ground rules for workplace behavior when interacting with diverse staff and patients.

The ground rules include workplace behavior standards, for example attendance and tardiness, the use of drugs and alcohol, appropriate workplace dress and grooming, and rules prohibiting harassment, bullying, fighting, and profanity against other employees or patients. Employee relations resolves problems in a fair way, stays consistent with policies, and procedures including f federal and state laws for hiring, managing and terminating employees regardless of race, ethnicity, age, sex, and so forth. To keep our employees with us at VS Lecoin’s Hospital, we must create employee retention plan.

Our employee retention plan should include helping our current employees with extensive benefit packages that includes allowing employees to have cultural holidays off (that applies to the employees so long as it does not affect the function of the facility) in addition to traditional government holidays. VS Lecoin’s Hospital should supply an in-house daycare center for employees who have small children, and allowing flexible shifts for families who want to work specific hours (2013). By allowing these modifications into action, we will be able to keep our employees and recruit new ones.

Outsourcing not an option for workforce planning Outsourcing may not be a good option for organizational workforce planning because VS Lecoin’s Family Hospital is a family and community run organization and outsourcing will not allow the organization to maintain a warm community atmosphere. Outsourcing creates an atmosphere where patients may interact with third party vendors during customer service calls or emergency calls with employees more likely not from the same country, familiar or fluent with the English language, or speak the language very clearly enough for the patients to understand (Cotriss, 2009).

Socially outsourcing creates a hardship for locals to access the position because the positions is would be offered to vendors outside the country. Outsourcing is a conflict of interest if VS Lecoin’s Family Hospital hires outside of the community instead of hiring within the community, this would not create a community atmosphere that goes against VS Lecoin’s Family Hospital goal. Outsourcing creates an environment which the outside sources only know scripted information regarding the organization instead of acquiring firsthand personal knowledge regarding VS Lecoin’s Family Hospital.

The goal is for the patients to think they are welcomed and be familiar with the staff from their community as well as be aware of the patients needs and how the facility works with local in-house employees. How these practices and plan would support and link staffing to key organizational objectives Including organizational behavior allows VS Lecoin to analyze our employees behaviors and guide the employees to conform to our practices within the facility but still maintain the employees personal identity.

This will make the employees feel confident and secure to do their job and increase work morale. Incorporating workforce diversity, implementing diversity, employee relations, and employee retention plans will ensure that VS Lecoin’s Hospital will include a diverse group of employees to represent different cultures, races, ethnicities to help create a blended family that represents the community. Our staff should also be diverse in showing their different talents in the perspective fields.

Outsourcing would go against the goal and the intentions of reflecting a community atmosphere by outsourcing positions to people or vendors outside the community and would prove to be an expensive option as well. Maintaining a staff of 500 employees is no small task, however staying within VS Lecoin’s goal by making the staff a community of diversity will help the facility strive. Incorporating good organizational behavior will help the employees gain personal strife to want to do better. Hiring employees that reflects the community will build morale to make the community welcomed and secure.

Allowing the employees to have benefits will help VS Lecoin’s Hospital to have an adequate retention plan. All of these elements will make for a growing facility with good employees. References Cotriss, D. (2009, December 12). The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing. In Small Business Trends. Retrieved May 29, 2013, from http://smallbiztrends. com/2009/12/the-pros-and-cons-of-outsourcing. html How to Increase Workplace Diversity. (2013). In Wall Street Journal. Retrieved May 30, 2013, from http://guides. wsj. com/management/building-a-workplace-culture/how-to-increase-workplace-diversity/