Prosthodontics is only one of the nine dental specializations recognized by the American Dental Association. The most advanced form of sequencing treatment, restorative treatment, and maintenance is offered in this field. Full mouth reconstructions as well as aesthetically higher level of implantology are performed by prosthodontists. It offers a very interesting and fulfilling line of work. As such, I aspire to be a prosthodontist.

Although it is a dream that is easier said than done, I believe that with determination, hard work, and knowledge, there are no foes that cannot be dealt with. With regard to personal qualifications, I am confident that I possess all the necessary qualifications in order to become a successful prosthodontist. First and foremost, I possess self-discipline, an attribute that is highly important for anyone who is striving to realize a goal that is difficult to achieve. Thus, I believe that self-discipline will help me conquer all the odds I may face in the process of achieving my dream.

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It will serve as the weapon I may rely on whenever the going gets tough. Prosthodontics is a tough major, and I foresee that in the process of finishing it, there shall be numerous obstacles. However, equipped with self-discipline, I know that nothing is impossible for me. Another value that qualifies me for the prosthodontics residency program is my determination. I believe that talents and skills, without the motivation and commitment to use them well, will not go anywhere far.

However, determination coupled with a great desire to achieve excellence will push me past my limits and enable me to fight and conquer any hardship that may come in the process of completing the prosthodontics residency program. This is especially true as I know I also possess the value of industry. Even of there are a lot of things or subjects to study and work for, with industry and enough effort, I know I will prevail. I believe I will get past all the hurdles, and I will have the profession I dream of within my reach.

In the country, there are several colleges which offer Prosthodontics Residency Program, but I believe that (insert name of chosen institution/college) is the best choice as a partner in achieving my great goal. It offers complete basic and advanced courses in the different aspects of Prosthodontics that will equip me with enough knowledge in my chosen career. Also, this assures me that as I enter the field of Prosthodontics, I will be armed with the necessary skills to overcome any difficulty that I may face.

More importantly, I choose (insert name of chosen institution/college) for I believe that good quality education entails enormous effort, industry, and excellence. Thus, I know that by studying and graduating from this college/university, I would become an epitome of the said values. This will help in building my integrity and reputation as an effective prosthodontist. Furthermore, I see that this college/university will complement the education I have attained previously, and it will certainly serve as a means for me to improve my skills and abilities for the completion of my ambition.

As I travel along the route to become the prosthodontist I dream to be, I know my education from (insert name of chosen institution/college) will become my greatest weapon and the wall I can lean on when I face difficulties. My previous education which will be enhanced by enrolling in this program would serve as the harness as I try to reach the peak. The values instilled in me by my family at home and at school will serve as the rock to support me on my way to become an excellent prosthodontist.

I know that the rock may crumble along the climb to the summit, but I believe that with the harness and the rock, I will not fall. Instead, I will push myself up, and slowly yet surely, I know will reach the top of the mountain. As I stand on the peak knowing that the dream has been achieved, I will be thanking (insert name of chosen institution/college), my family, and friends for supporting and believing in me. I owe it all to them and I shall always be looking back. Nevertheless, without my belief in my self, self-discipline, determination, and industry, I know I would not get far.