Personality Reflection Of the many ways that exist to classify and conceptualize individual differences, some are obvious and somewhat visible, such as gender, race, language, origin and / or social background. Other forms, perhaps not as visible, are nonetheless influential distinctions such as culture or personality. The personality, like many things in life can be difficult to explain, is what makes every human being different, unique and exceptional.

Today, the personality is an issue around the world. It reflects who we really are. Although most people use the term “personality” to identify the most obvious characteristics of a persons, psychologists are addressed in regards to this to explain why people with similarity in genetic background, experience and motivations can react quite differently to the same situation, and to explain why people with different genetic, experience and / or motivations past, but similar reactions to a single event.

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I intend to share with you my account of the personality, as it defines me as an individual and finally I will discuss what factors make a personality test is reliable and valid. “I am a part of everything I found” (Tennyson). Some people conclude that from the moment we are born our environment begins to shape our personality. I venture to say that since we are in the womb and that scenario, this environment is bombarding us with information, emotions, thoughts and feelings in addition to genetics, culture and experiences, among many other actions; we will define and shape as a person.

Personality is all that distinguishes us as an individual how to handle every situation, every decision-making, the way we think, and how we express our feelings and attitudes specific to us as individuals. According to Encyclopedia Britannica Online, personality “is a characteristic way of thinking, feeling and behaving. It covers the moods, attitudes and opinions and is most clearly expressed in interactions with others. Includes behavioral characteristics, both inherent and acquired, that distinguish one person from another and can be seen in the relationships of people with the environment and the social group “(2011).

Passionate, intense, impulsive, insurance, analytical, arrogant, dominant, rational, impatient, friend, co-dependent, creative, intelligent, determined, obsessive compulsive disorder, are some of the concepts and define who I am. The power to determine how consistent are these characteristics or variables is somewhat complicated. Each of them can be expressed, depending on the situation marks than others. I can be so passionate in a relationship or exposure of a point on a topic of interest, as well as I can be when issuing any analysis or shared lived experience.

In recent days I had the opportunity to take the Personality Sorter Kirsey ®. This test is the tool most widely used personality in the world, helping people discover their personality type. With it I discovered that my personality type is Guardian. Then defined as being reliable, hardworking leader, prudent, focused on my beliefs and traditions, browser security and justice. Totally interesting this tool to know a little more. Somewhat surprised to see that the description submitted as a result of these questions, I found it quite accurate and real.

The reliability of a personality test is usually determined in two ways. First, the degree of consistency is measured to see if the equivalent parts of a performance test of the same results. And secondly, the reliability of the instrument consists of degree of consistency on different occasions. We must take into consideration that time; the experiences and situations faced continuously shape us during our lives the way our personality mutates.

Being able to quantify what we cannot see or touch, so we could learn of the conduct to take an ordinary situation compared with what can be devised to better behavior, is an adventure where we can discover and use this information as a tool useful both in our personal life and professionally. ?????? References Personality. (2011). In Encyclopedia Britannica. Retrieved from http://www. britannica. com/EBchecked/topic/452993/personality # Friedman, HS, & Schustack, MW (2009). Personality: Classic Theories and Modern Research (4th ed. ). Boston, MA: Pearson Allyn & Bacon.