It’s very vital for aspiring leaders to have their own version of the principles that will guide them during the leadership process. An aspiring leader, one needs to have a vision, ideas about what he is going to do considering the leadership role and should follow his or her own leadership model that has been put in place. In many instances leadership is defined as the ability to be in front and others follow but the practical sense of it is that leadership should affect or impact on the followers in the organization where one practices leadership.

From this point of view therefore my leadership style would be that which is effective for most part of the organization. I therefore adopt the team model which was proposed by Hill as a model which is very vital for every organization. A good leader is able to choose the right set of behaviors at any given moment. In order to do this I intend to participate in the responsibilities which include coaching, gratifying, maintaining standards of team excellence, advocating for team members, and sharing relevant information with them (George, 1978).

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A person’s family of origin, maturation, dependence and independence, failure, shadow self, and archetypes are concepts that affect the psychodynamic approach to leadership. A leader who has emotional awareness and insights into personal habits and traits that affect behavior and actions can be a strong influence on followers. Moreover, if team members also possess this type of knowledge, emotional reactions risky to team and leadership performance and functioning can be avoided.

According to Hill, teams are groups which are organized in such a manner, in which they are interdependent, should coordinate so as to achieve the goal of the company and who have common goals so that they do not clash. As a leader therefore I understand that my follower’s ideas should be considered so that my organization will achieve positive results in its developments. Hills model suggest that internal leadership actions should be interrelated in such a way that solving problems, making decisions, adapting the changes and planning need to be achieved (George, 1978).

From this point of view, I will be able to enhance solidarity in my team and create an interpersonal relationship between the team members which is the power that will drive the entire team. From the survey my personality can be described as flexible, active, decisive and open minded. My experience in the filed has not been so long and therefore I am a new leader in this filed. This can mean an advantage as a well as a shortcoming for the organization. My being open minded requires that I change the style of leadership which has been in place before me.

This can really be hard especially for the rigid members of the working team. My advantage however will be since I am new in this field I will take my time and understand the employees and adapt their styles of working (Coren, 2001). I strongly believe that leadership is an issue that is obtained by training and there is nothing which is inborn in it. As a leader I will try to harmonize the goals of the team members so that we sing in one tune in meeting the mission of the company. I possess a firm, clear and a just personality that is strength in me.

Besides being too much sociable, outgoing and talkative this is a strength that I know will propel me to achieving my goals in the organization. I intend to always inform and update the team with significant knowledge, using authority to acquire support and resources for the team to accomplish significant tasks. Solve interpersonal problems, take ownership of tasks, satisfy members’ needs, and develop solidarity. Be analyst to make best decisions for the good of the team (Coren, 2001). My strengths also include being a good teacher as well as a student.

I do not intend to not only be a commander but also a listener, a keen listener to the voice of my followers so that the work of the organizational team is done in the right manner. In order to be a good teacher, I intend to do a lot of research in a topic before giving it out to my followers and in order to be a good student; I intend to obtain information also from the rest of the team members. My weaknesses include not being so much sociable, does not like doing a lot of work at a the same time, not subjective and likes not exposing myself much.

These weaknesses express an issue that they mean a lot in my organization. I however intend to work on improving these weaknesses by empowering team members and sharing the day-to-day decision making, keeping the group well informed with serious knowledge, using authority to gather support and resources for the team to accomplish vital task, honest communication, believing that everyone on the team has something valuable to contribute, and every time letting the team know when there is efficiently meeting organizational goals (George, 1978).

Bringing together team members with different skills and functions to achieve common goals can also serve as a way of motivating my workers. Categorizing work at all levels, satisfying member needs, contributing to team excellence and providing skilled coaches can also bring positive results. Conclusion I want as a leader to work in a manner that will enable the team members to be productive, cooperative and collaborate in making decisions, solve problems, adapt to change, make plans, and achieve and focus on common goals.

In order to develop this, I must develop trust, keep lines of communication open, develop and create a positive work climate, solve interpersonal problems, take ownership of tasks, satisfy members’ needs, and develop solidarity. By using successful organized teams which are composed of the right members a team can also achieve success and maintain effectiveness. References: Coren, A. (2001) Short-term psychotherapy: a psychodynamic approach, Other Press: LLC George Michael Gazda, (1978) Group counseling: a developmental approach, University of Michigan: Allyn and Bacon