The current world is filled with lot of diseases especially psychological problems. It is extremely difficult to survive in an extremely competitive world and hence the psychological disorders increases rapidly. This paper focuses on mania, bipolar disorders, causes of mood disorders and the possible treatment. Introduction A mental disorder or psychological disorder is the change in normal behaviour of an individual under normal conditions.

Based on the nature of the disorder, mental problems are classified into many categories such as dissociative disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, eating disorders, developmental disorders, personality disorders, mania, bipolar disorders and many other categories. Mania or Bipolar disorder or Mood disorder “Mania is the medical condition where patients suffer severely elevated moods at all times. Normally it is associated with mood swings when the patient goes through extremely elevated or happy mood at one time and at the other time may feel depressed.

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” (Barker Kitty) Even normal person can have their mood swings at times based on the circumstances. But they will have control over their moods. They will manage their moods judiciously even though it swings at times. But a person with mood disorder may not be able to control his moods. Such persons may not sleep well and Psychological Disorder 3 they may become hyperactive in most of their actions and thoughts. They may fail to recognize signs of sadness in the facial expression of others, while they can easily recognize expressions of happiness the expression of sadness fails to register in their minds.

(Barker Kitty) Causes of mood disorder In one of the BBC’s health articles called “Bipolar disorder” the main reason for mood disorder is attributed to genetic factors, physical problems in brain and stress. A person with a close relative having mood disorder can be more volatile for this disorder because of genetic factors. It doesn’t mean that all the relatives of a mania patient may affected by mood disorders. Secondly physical problems of the brain systems which control mood can also cause mood disorder.

Such problems can be identified through MRI scanning. Stress can be considered as the third factor which contributes to the mood disorder. The stress level of the current population is immense when compared to the older generation. The life styles have changed immensely and the competition increases. The struggle for existence is more than ever and hence the stress level of the current people rose to alarming levels which contributes to the mood disorder problem.