Public Health is the art and science of coping with diseases, increasing life-spun of the population and ensuring promotion of health activities. This is done through combined efforts of organizations concern with health issues, the public and the private sector, individuals and communities in general. Public health basically deals the preventive aspect of diseases and this is carried out at the population level instead of individual level as it is the case in individual health. Global health is the health of people from a global perspective and it does not consider the health conditions at a national level.

THE VISALIA POLICE DEPARTMENT The main purpose of the Visalia police department disaster management plan is to come up with operational guidelines for occurrences that were not expected and also to spear head in special operations. The police department is divided into 3 sections; District 1, District 2, and the headquarters. (Annual police report, 2008) To cater for emergency responses Mitigation measures: These are the steps taken in readiness for an event aimed at reducing the effect of the event or completely eliminating the effect. (Winton, 2009).

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The police department takes the following steps in readiness for a disaster; 1) Alert stages; They comprise of stage one when normal operations are in place, stage two when an unusual occurrence is anticipated, stage three when an unusual occurrence is imminent and lastly stage four is when an unusual event has occurred and all the personnel are advised to carry out their current duties and be ready for any further instructions. 2) Emergency recall; this involves making calls or paging all the personnel and requiring them to report to the headquarters immediately.

Once they report a briefing takes place which also includes provision of any additional equipment and introduction of any outside personnel that may be involved in the disaster response. 3) Mobilization; All the personnel available are then mobilized to their specific areas of duty and a central coordination office is set up. (Visalia Police department) TULARE COUNTY HHSA IN VISALIA CA According to the US census (2001) Tulare county had a population of 368,021 people. This county has a fire fighting Department whose work is to deal with fire disasters and also any recovery work that may be needed.

There are also Earthquake sensors installed in different parts of the county. There are also flood control structures built to control the effect of floods. (Kyle, 2007) AMERICAN RED CROSS IN VISALIA CA. 93292 The Red cross at Visalia has put fire fighting equipments in place in case of a fire, there are also emergency exits out of any building to ensure that in-case of any disaster there can be safe outlet, the Red cross has also installed a system of alerting the Visalia police department in case of any emergency requiring their attention. (crisis response journal- on-line)

The red cross is also always ready with response to the victims of various disasters and it also helps people in preparation, prevention and also necessary action in-case of a disaster. (unitedwaytc. org) In conclusion the American Red Cross can be seen to respond more quickly to disasters, the Visalia police Department also responds to disasters quickly but some times there are delays due to communication breakdown and finally the Tulare County is seen to respond to disasters quite slowly compared to the other agencies.


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