Pulp Falcon, women are treated and referred to as inferior to men. Both the women characters and the dialogue in the movie suggest that women have to be taken care of and protected by men. Even the most powerful of the women characters in the movie, Mina, is looked after by one of her husband’s thugs while he is out of town. On the other hand, Titration has the complete antithesis of Mina thrown in the movie to make women look even worse.

That woman Is Fabian, the girlfriend off corrupt boxer and the cost delicate and naive of all the characters. Whether It was Attraction’s Intention to depict women in this fashion or not, he gives the audience a false stereotype of women. First of all, the most prominent woman character in the movie is Mina Wallace(Mum Thurman), wife of Marshal’s Wallace(Vying Reamers) who happens to be one of the most dangerous gangsters in the city of Los Angels. Mina is discussed In a dialogue by Vincent Vegan Travel) and Jules(Samuel L. Jackson) before she Is even seen on screen.

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Vincent casually mentions to Jules that he Is taking the “boss’s wife” out hill Marvelous is out of town. Jules warns Vincent of a rumor he has recently heard about Marvelous throwing a man named Nathan off of a roof for giving Mina a foot massage. This scene in the movie gives the viewer the sense that Marvelous is not only protective of his wife, but also dangerously protective. When we meet Mina, it is obvious that she is a very powerful character. Where she derives that power Is from her husband, Marvelous. For example, when Vincent refuses to dance with her at Jackrabbit Slims, she subtly threatens him. L do believe Marvelous, my husband, your joss, told you to take me out and do whatever I wanted. Well now, I want to dance. ” This quote proves that Mina Wallace does not have any power of her own, but derives power from her husband. This portrays women to be powerless without the attachment of men. Secondly, Titration throws a character In the movie that I believe Is completely out of place. In the midst of gangsters, criminals, and Scam artists, Lies a character completely unworldly and naive. This character is the girlfriend of a boxer named Butch(Bruce Willis) named Fabian.

Faience is French and does not speak perfect English. Even the tone of her voice suggests a ditsy and submissive manner. Just as Mina Wallace was protected by her husband, Faience is protected by Butch. When Faience tells Butch that she has forgotten his father’s priceless watch, Butch goes into a violent rage. Instead of standing her ground against Butch, Fleabane backs Into a corner and covers her head with her hands, not speaking a word. When Butch sees how distressed he is making Faience, he immediately calms down and tries to soothe her. If you did leave it at the apartment, It’s not your fault. I had you bring a inch of stuff. I reminded you about it but I didn’t Illustrate how personal the watch was to me. If all I gave a buck about was my watch, I should’ve told you. You Anita mind reader. ” By saying this, Butch immediately takes the blame off Faience and puts I onto enamels Ana tenure Dye protecting near Trot Nils rage . I Delve Tanat Titration placed Faience in the film to portray women as naive and defenseless, as though they need the protection of men from the world but also from men themselves.

Finally, besides the characters in the film, Titration demeans women through the illegal as well. We first get an understanding of this when we hear Jules speak in the apartment of the young men who posses the briefcase. He turns to what appears to be the leader of the group and asks “Would you describe for me what Marvelous Wallace looks like?… Does he look like a bitchy?… Then why did you try to buck him like a bitchy? ” These few lines make the implication that Marvelous, a man, should not and cannot be “bucked” like a woman. The word “bitchy” is often used to describe women, not men.

In this particular dialogue, Titration uses those few lines to depict women s inferior to men by implying that women, but certainly not men, can be “bucked like a bitchy”. In conclusion, Pulp Fiction is considered to be one of the most controversial films in recent times. This film portrays women as not only defenseless and in need of protection, but also unworldly and naive. Titration achieves this expos© by usage of dialogue and certain character traits. I believe that this movie sets the women’s movement back about thirty years by completely misrepresenting and falsely depicting modern women.