What are your reasons for applying to this programme? Relate to previous
experience and personal qualifications and how you see this programme
furthering your development in these respects. (Character limit: 3000)


Australia has been my home for the past year and brought me a
mindset that makes the most out of life
on a day-to-day basis, this is best explained by the founder of Buddhism: “Do
not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the
present moment” (Buddha).

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I concentrate my mind on the present moment, I realise how much I’ve grown and
learnt since last year’s application for this exact same program and I’m
thankful being able to show you once more how deeply integrated my passion for
entrepreneurship truly is.


I am applying for the New Venture Creation
track since I no longer want to postpone my true ambition; creating companies
that help the world fight global challenges. Multiple years of working,
studying and travelling abroad, made me realise how fortunate I am for having
limitless options in life. Currently,
this programme is my main goal and the ideal next stepping stone to become the entrepreneur I vision
myself to be.


This programme primarily appeals to me due
to the balance between theory and practice, the educational reputation of Lund
University and the promising background of the staff within this programme. Craig
Mitchell for example, his thesis “Growth The Missing Ingredient Of Immigrant
Entrepreneurship”, gives me a better understanding of the complex and
multidimensional processes, causes and effects of growth within immigrant-owned firms. And how mainstream
growth literature isn’t sympathetic to it due to its ‘ethnic’ characteristics
and being circumscribed by negative structural impediments. I vision Mr Mitchell to be an inspiring person who is
able to deepen my knowledge of New Venture Creation.


I am a compassionate and disciplined person
who is honest, sees opportunities and withstands risks and pressure. I am
referred to as an inspiring and knowledgeable
pioneer since I am always working on progressive concepts. For example; the
Blockchain Technology, a plant-based diet and mindfulness. In conclusion, my
entrepreneurialism lies in exploring everything our world has to offer. I
thrive on new experiences; this gives me energy and inspiration and broadens my


Taking on new challenges is also a
particular interest of mine within my professional life, where responsibilities
improve my performance. Within my job as an Account Manager, for example, I was
challenged to fulfil the role of Safety
Manager, which made me responsible for the company being covered in case of an


Finally, entrepreneurship is simply
traceable in my blood. My father is an entrepreneur in the field of traffic
consultation and my mother is a self-employed dietician. Their entrepreneurship
also expressed itself within my upbringing. I attended schools with a focus on ‘self-education’,
called Montessori education, in which students have freedom within certain
boundaries. Therefore, I am used to making
decisions from an early age and this developed
me in being an outgoing and enterprising person.

Describe your previous experience of entrepreneurial activities in a broad
sense, also including activities besides start-ups. (Character limit: 1500)


I always select jobs with an
entrepreneurial character in which contribution is stimulated. In my last job
as a Customer Service Representative, I saw so much potential growth that I voluntarily drew up
a report with recommendations concerning management, logistics, technology and
company culture. This has been executed.


During my Bachelor’s I co-founded Onesieclub, a webshop specialised in a
clothing niche market called Onesies. It was a start-up with low investment and
high potential, which was perfect to combine with my study. It was an educational experience where we took progressive steps to
professionalise our business. We formalised our processes, made contracts with
suppliers and optimised our customer service.

Constant development, for me, is one of the
main beauties of being an entrepreneur. Currently, my former business partner
and I are working on a concept that has the potential to more easily broaden
peoples social circles in real-life.


Activities in a broader sense include
experiences abroad. I completed an internship in the Caribbean, travelled in
South East Asia after graduation and recently returned from one year working
abroad in Australia. Here I was able to obtain a number of unique work
experiences (see attached resume), which enabled
me to obtain a full professional proficiency level of English with countless
new interests and a clearer vision of my future ambitions.


Concluding, I am used to being away from
home and I easily adapt to different cultures.






















Based on your previous experience, elaborate on the pros and cons of working in
team versus individually. (Character limit: 1500)


Both types of working are familiar to me
due to the project and competency-based education of my Bachelor’s degree. We
had to form groups, divide tasks and make group decisions in which we developed
the required skills.


The biggest
advantage of teamwork is that there is an exchange of different knowledge and
skill sets, which can achieve or enhance synergy effects that an individual
rarely can. It is important that clear expectations, policies and tasks are set. Divide tasks
according to personal skills of the members,
this occurred instinctively in collaborating with my former business partner
and results in greater effectiveness. Teamwork can also improve the
relationships among people involved. Brainstorming, for example, can inspire members and stimulate the team spirit. On
the downside, groups can lead to wasted time, conflicts, insecurities and an
undermining of the motivation and commitment of individuals. I have learned to
handle those challenges and act upon them with time efficient and structured
meetings, critical listening and constructive feedback.


When working individually, on the other hand, it is easier to focus, you
do not have to keep others updated and you have absolute control of your
agenda. On the downside, individually I can more easily get constraint in ideas
and face needed skills that are not my strongest.


Concluding, both types of working can
achieve separate goals and I maintain a healthy balance between both to reach
maximum results.
























What are your career ambitions immediately after graduating from this
programme? How do you see your career developing over the next few years?
(Character limit: 3000)


Graduating from this programme would give
me the perfect basis to further scale my future start-up. I thrive this to be a
lean and agile operating company that is progressive, innovative and internationally
orientated. It has high values on effectiveness, sustainability, and its
working environment. Take a company like Solar City, for example, a company that delivers full-service solar power
systems. They are internationally active, constantly innovating and make solar
power more sustainable and appealing, which greatly inspires me. Their roofs generate
clean energy with solar you cannot even see.


Additionally, I am committed to a strong
company culture since this increases employees intrinsic motivation which is
key to success. This consists of a healthy work-life balance, a working environment
that stimulates creativity and relationships, and a possibility to work
remotely. The latter one puts us in charge of our own schedule and makes us
able to fully integrate work in our personal lives. Nowadays location independence is possible since modern
technology makes us able to stay connected.


Since mid last year, I have become interested in
and intrigued by, the evolutionary Blockchain technology. After extensive
research into this topic and the visitation of
numerous events around it, I am thrilled to become part of this
promising movement.

Preferable industries to implement this
technology will be the food industry, renewable energy and information


I have come to better understand global
challenges like these since last year abroad, where I obtained a more
open-mindset. My food consumption, for
example, has made a shift from an omnivore diet to a plant-based diet. If
people ask why, I explain that it’s based
on four motivators; the animals, the environment, my health and the human
family. Unique experiences changed my paradigms and I like to help others evaluate their paradigms by informing them
about the background of their food in order to make more conscious decisions. In
last year’s video application, where I was amidst of this journey, I explained
why I think food should be a bigger part of our educational system (https://youtu.be/-kv_FUC5DIM). I have shared this with people in my network
that it might concern, who welcomed the idea with open arms. In Q5 I explain
how I want to contribute to this global challenge with help of the Blockchain


My overall ambition is a healthy balance
between different aspects of living; work, health, learning, social and
spiritual. A balance in these aspects of
life will make me able to excel in business while living a fulfilled and happy
life. I’ve obtained certain knowledge and experiences that enables me to escape
the so-called “rat-race”, inspired by a book like “Rich Dad – Poor Dad”, which
taught me a lot about personal finance.


The ideal scenario would be the ability to
create jobs in which people are happy, healthy and successful, within a company
that focuses on global challenges.

If you would like to join the track Entrepreneurship New Venture Creation:
Would you want to develop your own idea or an external idea the master’s year?
If you have an idea of your own that you would like to develop, describe your
idea in short. (Character limit: 1500)


technology has the potential to revolutionize the world economy and affect all
industries, I will elaborate on its potential for the food supply chain. The blockchain was developed as a
decentralised ledger which records transactions and stores this information on
a global network, which is a neutral open platform.


My idea is an application that runs on
the blockchain, which enables customers
to simply scan the product’s QR code with their smartphone and receive its
complete history from farm to fork. This will put power back into the hands of
the direct customer, create a more structured logistical system for retailers
and quality protection for producers.


This technology
could give consumers more openness and transparency, which guarantees their
food is exactly what the label says it is. Retailers are able to identify
potentially unsafe products which enables them to remove only adulterated items,
which would have been of great value during last summer’s egg contamination scandal.
And finally, for the producers, any attempts to tamper with a food item as it moves through the supply
chain can be immediately identified and prevented before the food ever reaches
the retailer.


The food supply chain is enormous and I think its key to
start small, with a single supermarket chain for example. I highly believe in
gathering smart(er) people around me in order to make a contribution,
collaboration with students from Computer Science for example in order to
achieve the technical side of this idea.