Like all branches of Christianity they believe there is one true God. They differ from other branches in that they do not believe that Jesus is a part of the Godhead or Trinity (Belief. Com, n. D. ). Jehovah Witnesses believe that Jesus was created as God’s son. They believe that after death all people will be reunited body to soul and Judged by God. This Is a common belief amongst Christians. The difference Is that If a person is Judged as “… Unrighteous… ” Their punishment Is not to burn for all eternity, but to be separated from God, Jehovah, for all of eternity (Belief. Com, n. D. ).

For a Jehovah Witness the worst possible thing is to be separate from God. They believe that only 144,000 souls will be in Heaven during Eternity, and the remainder will work the Earth Just below Heaven. They do not participate in blood transfusions, holidays born from false religions, or In birthdays. Children of Jehovah Witnesses are not allowed to participate In school actively that surround holidays Like Christmas or Easter. They also cannot partake of another child’s birthday cake. The American culture has come to include the sight of a group of Jehovah Witnesses walking down the street knocking on every door they come across.

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They bring out their children as well as their elderly. They are commissioned to share the story of their faith and to tell as many people as they can. Jehovah Witnesses are often victims of institutional discrimination. In Mexico if the school discovers a teacher Is Jehovah Witness they will be fired (PBS: Knocking, n. D. ). In 2005 the Mexican authorities took land away from 70 families, because they were Jehovah Witnesses, and gave it to other farmers (PBS: Knocking, n. D. ). The same ethnic group that discriminates against the Jehovah Witnesses in Mexico are discriminated against here in America; Hispanics.

The native language of Hispanic people is Spanish. In parts of America an adaptation of Spanish and English has become known as Spangling. There Is a sense of pride In Hispanic homes that strives to malting their heritage through their culture. The food Is a large part of that culture, and is full of spices and flavor. Meat is a staple on a Hispanic dinner table. A strong Hispanic influence can be seen in the Southwestern united States as well as throughout the other States. Mexican restaurants are a common sight. American children all over enjoy a piñata at their birthday parties.

According to a poll done y NBC, 59 percent of non-Hispanics believe that Hispanics are the most Electroplates gallant tram, 2 ) teen times Hispanics are retread to as Mexicans regardless of their Country of origin. The topic of immigration has been a hot button in the news of late and Mexico and Mexicans seem to bear the brunt of the discrimination that stems from that discussion. Undocumented Hispanics are not afforded the same protection as American citizens. Aviator reported in the Washington Independent (2009), of a 13-year-old Hispanic rape victim whose assailant was released and unpunished because the girl was undocumented.

I have learned that the Hispanic people are hard workers as well as family oriented with strong pride in their heritage. I have also learned that Jehovah Witnesses are very dedicated to their faith despite persecution and open mocking. I have gained much respect for both of these groups. Both Hispanics and Jehovah Witnesses are discriminated against on the basis of their differences from mainstream Americans. They are both fired from Jobs or given the lowest paying Jobs. The Hispanics are looked on as hard workers while the Jehovah Witnesses are laughed and made fun of for going door-to-door witnessing.