Ten thousand dollars… In my hands. Just a slip of paper In my own bare hands, with four zeros written on it, clear as clear can be. This money, this cheese, this one slip of paper, could rise this family up, or tear It down, Into pieces, pieces and pieces. I don’t know about this money alright, It sure will change my family, but will it change us for the worse or the better? This paper anti nothing’ but just a cheese to me, it’s worth nothing’, nothing’ at all.

We got along just nine without this money before, when Big Walter were here, and now, I know we be fine without it! This money anti no big deal at all, to me at least. But to my kids, my daughter in law and my dear grandson? I know they all excited ’bout it, they anti never seen so much money before – they all got their own big dreams, and they all want that money for them dreams. My boy so excited, every morning’ he talk ’bout that money! He keep saying’, “the moneys comic’ soon Mama, the moneys comic’! ” I know that boy want to Invest in the liquor store with Wily Harris, he practically got his heart set on It!

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But we anti never been no people to do business out here, we Just worker’ folks, server’ the community. My goodness, that boy even got his wife sold on the store. She sally’ that colored people Alan goanna ever get ahead till’ they start gambling’ on some of them things in the world. I don’t know what got into that girl! I know she love Walter, or she anti never would’ve tell me to give him a chance. I wish my boy would see how good his wife is. And Beneath? She a strong, fearless girl, always arguing’ with Walter, them two always got themselves up in a knot. I know she want to be a doctor, and she want o to medical school!

I got faith in my girl, she could do anything she wants, and I’m proud of her for steeple’ up! But I’m worried ’bout her. She’s always changing’ her mind, truly’ everything’. God knows if she’s still want be a doctor 2 years later! If It weren’t for this family, for our future, I would’ve Just put this money away, or give it all to church or something’. If our family didn’t need this money, it would be in God’s hands. It would go to those suffering souls on the streets of Chicago, to those less fortunate than we. But I know our family need that money right now, and Big Walter ere be mad if I didn’t keep this money for our kids.

I wish Big Walter was here right now, he’d know exactly what to do with this money! This money… This money anti worth what Big Walter went through for this family. It anti nothing’ compared to Big Walter been’ here. Big Walter worked long n hard days to earn our family some money, to get us right here where we are now. This money anti worth nothing’ at all. I’m rued of making’ all these decisions for our family, everyone wants this money and l, well.. L anti want to hurt my kids, I anti want hurt their fragile hearts with my noels.

I don’t want make ten wrong sconce, I Know ten wrong step could tear t beautiful family apart. Ten thousand dollars, may seem like a big sum o’ money for me and my family, so much that my kids are acting’ silly been’ so excited ’bout it, after all we anti never had this much money before! But for them rich white folks out there doing’ their business and trades, ten thousand dollars is so little, I’m sure they earn ten times more than we do! Our family anti the richest and we all know that, but I’m grateful for what we have, and I thank the Lord for this money in our hands today.