tall and slender
the political party that ruled Germany under Hitler from 1933 to 1945
Danish money
a teacher of Jewish law
the symbol of the Nazi’s in Germany
to move to a different location
somewhat misty and smokey
the edge of a body of water
a way of acting that is meant to fool people
to make angry
They are stopped by German soldiers and questioned.
What happens to Annemarie, Ellen, and Kirsti on their way home from school?
The Free Danes, an illegal newspaper.
What is “De Frie Danske”?
Annemarie’s older sister who died.
Who is Lise and what happened to her?
They are Jewish and the Nazi’s are persecuting them.

What religion do the Rosens practice, and why is that a problem?
They are made of green fish skin.
What is wrong with Kirsti’s new shoes?
Mr. Rosen dyes them with black ink.
How does the problem with the shoes get solved?
Her parents were told they were about to be relocated and they needed to escape.
Why does Ellen spend the night with Annemarie?
The soldiers burst in and demand to know where the Rosens are.
What happens in the middle of the night when Ellen stays with Annemarie?
Ellen has dark hair and the other girls have blond hair.
What makes the German soldiers suspicious of Ellen’s identity?
Papa shows them a baby picture of Lise and she had dark hair.
What does Papa do to answer the German soldier’s questions about Ellen?
They are very mean and they tear Lise’s picture and crush it into the floor.
How do the German soldiers treat the Johansens?
It means a Jew who needs to escape from Denmark.
What does the code word “cigarettes” mean?
That Kirsti will tell the soldiers that it is Ellen’s New Year.
What is Annemarie afraid that Kirsti will do on the train ride to visit Uncle Henrik?
Ellen’s mother is afraid of the ocean.
What does Ellen say that her mother is afraid of?
He says that she died.
What does Uncle Henrik say happened to Great-aunt Birte?