Although there are a lot of dilemmas we go over In class there are a couple that stand out to me. The trolley dilemma Is a situation I personally hope I never encounter and the dilemma where if you had a ring that made you invisible. The dilemma with the trolley is a terrifying situation to be in if you are the one operating the tracks. Either way someone is going to die and that’s going to be on you. If I were the one operating the trolley tracks and I had to choose between killing one person and four people, I’m going to kill only the one.

If the dilemma was altered a little too where the one person was my child and the other four were strangers then It’s a lot harder of a choice. Do you save your child and let four people die or vice versa? I really can’t see how I could live with myself knowing I’ve killed anybody but if I were in this situation I would have to go with my heart and save my child. My conscience would probably tell me to save the four but if I had the choice to save my son I’d have to do it. I don’t know if that’s the wrong thing to do but it’s the choice I would make.

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Now, let’s say we altered the dilemma even more. Say there was only one track with four people on It and then there was this innocent bystander next to the track and you had the choice to push that one person into the trolley to save the other four. Now in this situation if you were to push that one person into the trolley that would be considered murder where in the other dilemmas it was not. But, if we go with the same route as before where killing less is better then why not save the four by killing the bystander?

The decision I would make would be to let the one yesterday live because he had done nothing wrong and has no reason to die. I’m not saying that the four other people on the tracks deserve to die but you’re not supposed to walk on rail roads for a reason. The choices are tough to make and your conscience isn’t going to make it easier but, in the end you’re going to have to make a choice and deal with the consequences. The dilemma with the ring that makes you invisible is quite interesting. If anybody were able to be Invisible and commit any crime without being caught I think they would.

People commit crimes now even when they are not Invisible. If they knew they could commit the crime without being caught then that Just gives them another reason to do it. I know some people have a strong enough conscience stopping them to do anything illegal but majority of people don’t. A similar situation would be where I Just got a group of 50 people and robbed a gas station because you’d pretty much be invisible. I think people don’t do this because of fear of punishment if they were to be caught. I know I feel Like I’d be that one person to get caught and suffer the uniqueness.

But I believe If people could be Invisible and commit a crime then they would. Going over all these different types of dilemmas in class has really made me think about how I would react in each situation. You never know when you might be faced with a dilemma that could impact the rest of your life. They’re choices you are going to have to make and suffer the consequences whether there good or bad. Hopefully I won’t ever have to choose to save either my son or four other people because the console I make will aunt me Trotter.