A test is reliable if the results yeild consistent scores across administrations.

A test is valid if it measures what it claims to measure.
A standardized test has an established, nonvarying procedure.
Norm-references scores allow for comparisons between the students taking the tests and the national average.

Percentile Scores
Percentile scores are norm-references scores.
Grade-Equivalent Scores
Ability or achievement scores that have been converted to the grade level norm — usually expressed in years and tenths, e.g., 6.4 means sixth grade, fourth month
Stanine Scores
“Stanine” is short for “standard nine”. Raw scores are converted to a nine-point scale.
What are the four key points to remember about the assessment of reading development?
(1) Assessment is ongoing(2) The assessment process uses multiple sources(3) Assessment drives instruction(4) Assessment is standards-based
What are the types of tests included in an IRI (Informal Reading Inventory) ?
(1) Word Recognition Lists(2) Graded Reading Passages(3) Reading Interest Survery(4)Test Measuring Concepts About Print(5) Phonemic Awareness Test(6)Structural Analysis Test(7)Content Reading CLOZE Test(8) Vocabulary Tests(9) Spelling Tests
What are the 3 different reading levels once the child is at the stage where he/she can read aloud?
(1) Independant Reading Level: A child can read and understand material at this level with help from the teacher.

(2) Instructional Reading Level: The Student can read and understand material at this level with help from the teacher. The student’s reading books and social and science textbooks should be at this level.(3) Frustration Reading level: The child cannot read and understand books at this level, even with help.