Realism is a very natural form of writing. In it you see situations that are very probable. One can relate to characters as well as events. Whereas Romanticism is understood to be not so probable and much harder to relate to. The characters of writing are much different. Realism has a realistic plot with real location. It contains dialect that isn’t formal at all unless a character calls for it, and the character is very realistic as well. A great example of this is the story “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Cleavers County” the plot itself is very real.

Its very ordinary. These things can happen to anyone. Many people live in small towns. Their location is rather bumpkins. Its described as something from the southern region of the US. Cleavers County could very easily be a town in the south. As for characters they are very real. Take for example Jim Smiley. This man, like many has a gambling problem. He bet on anything and everything. This man like every character in the story is so real he could be your next door neighbor. At no time does he pull out a cape and save the world or talk to ferries. Lastly dialect.

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Dialect in realism is well, real. There is no thy or doth there is no poetry of any sort. Realism writing calls for everything natural. Everyone talks as that should. The difference between the two forms of writing are very apparent. Romanticism has different everything. And now the next time you read either type of story you will be able to tell the difference. Any run Ins with talking animals that aren’t parrots and you’ve go yourself romanticism. Any story you can stick yourself or anyone else In and say that’s possible and you’ve got yourself realism.