Reflection Paper #1

A time where my values were
conflicted with what I was expected to do and spoke up about it would be when I
worked as a window cleaner. My role consisted of cleaning windows in
residential housing. During the cleaning process we were supposed to take apart
the window in order to provide a better cleaning. One day our boss had left the
crew to go manage another worksite, while she was away one of the crew members
working with us damaged the customer’s window while taking it apart. This was done
by one of the newer crew members, he decided to cover it up and not let our
boss know of what happened and leave it for the customer to deal with it. I and
one of the other crew member discovered this and were faced with the option of help
covering it up or letting our boss know what happened. In the end we decided to
let our boss know what happened, who later told the customer about the situation
and replaced the broken part of the window. In this situation our personal
value of responsibility was conflicted. We knew that our boss is very hardworking
and did her best to manage the business, customers and the workers. Knowing
this would damage her businesses image and affect her in the long run is why we
decided to disclose that information to her. If the broken part was left there and
the customer was the one to discover the broken window, it would have affected
the reputation of her business. Personally, I was satisfied with the outcome as
everyone walked away without any conflicts and the new crew member was told to
be honest and that its part of the job. I also believe we used the right
channels of communication such as going through our boss. In my opinion I had
the best situation within my control as I was able to have one of the other
crew members support my opinion. Something within the control of others that
would have made it a lot easier would be having our boss present at the
worksite since we wouldn’t have to wait for her to come at the end of the job
and the problem could have been handled sooner.

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Another time where my
values conflicted with what I was expected to do would be the time I worked as an
Administrative Assistant at a medical clinic. The clinic held several different
types of doctors such as cardiologist, pediatrician, family doctors, optometrists
and more. The clinic also had a lot of patients that would come in on a daily
basis. My role at the clinic included registering and moving the patients into
the designated rooms where the doctor would attend to their needs. I was
required to leave a folder of the patients information inside a bin in an order
that determined there position in queue to see the doctor. One day a patient came
in who wanted to see a doctor to renew a prescription that she needed. The
patient was also friends with one of the managers working at the clinic on that
day. As the patient was waiting my manager called me in and told me to move the
patient’s papers to the front in the bins. This would make it so that she was
seen before the other patients that were already waiting. These other patients
had been waiting for up to an hour and more to see the doctor. In this
situation I felt like that I had no choice but to do what I was told. The
values that I was conflicted with was that some of these patients had been
waiting for long time and were not feeling their best had to wait longer than they
should have, which seems unjust to me. I personally did not want to do it, as I
in the position a patient would not have liked it happening to me. The reason
that I did not speak up was due to the fact that a person superior to me had
asked me to do this. If I had denied not to I would have risked having repercussions
in the future with my manager. Something that would have motivated me to speak
would be if someone with similar or high power would have been present at the
moment. I could have presented my situation and ask for their opinion and what
my next actions could have been. I would say that I am mildly unsatisfied as it
was unjust to others who waited for their turn. Something that would have made
it easier for me to act in this situation within my own control would be if someone
of a higher position was nearby and I could have run it through them first.
Something within the controls of others would be if the patients in the waiting
room noticed and complained. That would have made a lot easier for me to
confront my manager about. This would have also maybe held the manager
accountable as most complains are gone straight to the main clinic administrators.

Based on these two
situations it can be said that I am keener to act on a situation where my sense
of responsibility is challenged. This can be said since I had a connection with
my boss while I didn’t know much about the people waiting in the clinic that were
affected by those actions. Leading me to believe that having a better connection
with the people involved would make me more willing to act in the situation.