I will begin with the philosophy of Frederica Nietzsche whose ideals he defends with the genealogy of morality. In his book Genealogy of Morals, Nietzsche Is critical of “bad conscience” and considers It to stem from Christianity. Bad conscience as referred by Nietzsche is “the state in which an individual believes they neither deserve a good life nor are they able to create one for themselves. ” Nietzsche believes that we shouldn’t focus on one right path to the good life because there isn’t one; everything depends on a person’s willingness to accept their past, embrace their present, and change for their future.

This Is an Ideal I strongly embrace due to my past because for the vast majority of my life, I have lived under the oppression of a ad conscience. I have literally lived my life feeling as though I was unworthy of anything, was a complete spiritual screw-up, and that no matter what I ever did, I was never going to measure up. All of this conspired to make me a complete wreck, dealing with severe anxiety, panic, and depression disorders and eventually impacting my physical health. As years went by, I became more and more unstable until I eking out an existence.

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Then, I was Introduced to a different philosophy that changed everything. It was a complete turn-around for me. Religion was making me beyond miserable, but this philosophy, way of life, finally brought me peace. My past reminds me somewhat of Gloria Anzaјass, in how she felt alienated and oppressed because of her culture, language, gender, and sexuality. In her book Borderlands/La Frontier, Anzaјa argues that criticisms from Angles and Mexican Nationals make people of the valley feel Inferior. These feelings are often internalized, and cause self-hatred.

Though I don’t share these exact experiences, I can Identify with not belonging to a specific culture, not understanding a language that Is a strong part of my family, belonging to two cultures that treat and raise their women differently, and rating ways with traditional concepts of sexuality. I didn’t realize it at the time, in fact it took me until very recently, that I was internalizing everything. I wasn’t acknowledging my feelings and all my pain and suffering was being caused by my self-hatred.

I actually followed closely to what Anzaјa suggests we do to overcome self-hatred, and It’s something I still do every day. My path to the good life on a dally basis consists of meditation, journaling, and mindfulness- on my past, present, and future. Even though I have changed tremendously and am no longer an anxiety dined wreck, I still have times where I feel “less than” and low. The only way I can combat this is to be gentle with myself. I have to remind myself that I am a work in progress, and am uniquely myself.

Even though I may not measure up to what other’s want me to be, what Is Important Is that I measure up to what I want to be. I alone unreason wiener Vive come Trot Ana wiener I want to De. Not a soul on tens earth ever will. A quote that has always struck a chord in me is from the author Elizabeth Gilbert: “Its’ better to live your own life imperfectly than to imitate someone else’s refectory. ” What helps me to identify myself is Journaling. It helps me to understand exactly how I’m feeling and gets those feelings out of me.

I can write out my anger, frustration, loneliness, and sadness. And then as time goes by, I can read my entries at least somewhat objectively and see how far Vive come. Another thing that helps is meditation, usually for when I’m anxious. This helps me to calm down because there’s no way I can focus on what’s wrong if my mind is all over the place. Once I reach this state of mind, I can let these feelings come up to the forefront of my mind and examine them, understand what they are and where they come from.

All of this leads me finally to mindfulness – my ability to accept my past as something that has shaped me the way I am today, my ability to be aware and in my present, and to change my life and habits so I can embrace my future instead of fearing it, which is the what Frederica Nietzsche suggests to do. To live any semblance of a good life, you have to be actually be happy in it, otherwise it’s all for naught. This philosophy of embracing life and making an effort to live it well as though you would have to relive t for eternity forces people to really take a good, hard look at how they are living.