Organizations today are faced with many challenges in order to survive and grow that is why there are a lot of changes when it comes to management. There are two leadership styles in the organization that was mentioned in WAS, first is the Command and Control and second is the Engage and Create. Command and Control is where the manager tells employees what to do and employees should obey or do the command.

On the other way around, Engage and Create is where people of the organizations know what to do with the guide of its manager and they are free to think and to give information for the organization. I agree that Command and Control should be out while Engage and Create should be in. Why? Because manager should not Just command and control its people he should also engage with them, let them suggest, think and give opinions. Management ARIA is also a good ideas which means to understand another’s perspective, be aware of you how you form your beliefs and state your decision for some new Ideas.

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