Marseilles Wallace in Pulp Fiction takes revenge on rapist Seth for purely selfish seasons; where Matt Fowler in Killings takes revenge for the sake of his wife and to avenge his son’s death. Wallace shoots Seth in the genitals and tells him “I’m not done. Don’t even dream about it. We will get medieval on your ass. ” (Attraction) before describing the horrific acts of torture he and his buddies are about to commit. In contrast, Fowler is not so ruthless to his son’s assailant, but quickly murders him to end the injustice of his living.

These revenge-murders are different because of their thought process) and differences in Intensity. Each protagonist who seeks revenge through murder rationalizes the taking of another’s life In order to allow themselves to kill their enemy. In a state of mental anguish and torture, Fowler dehumidifies Strut because of what he did to his son. Jules Winnfield, like most psychologically sound people, also must rationalize the value of someone else’s life. He does this by quoting scriptures “n. And you will know my name is the LORD when I lay my vengeance upon thee” (Attraction).

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In this, he excuses his behavior as rational because it is like the actions off higher power. When people act out of revenge, it is often while under extreme emotion circumstances, inhibiting logical decision-making. When Winnfield killed the man he questions In the beginning of the movie, he demonstrates a severe lack of self-control with steadily Increasing vocal and emotional Intensity. ” And you will know my name Is the LORD when I lay my vengeance upon thee. ” (Tarantula) unusual emotions and situations probe for unusual results.

When Winnfield takes action, he does so whimsically and without concern. However, when Fowler decides to kill Strut, he understands the results and consequences that could arise, making a more even- tempered response. Similar to Fowler, Butch Coolidge seeks revenge on his employer because of an injustice committed that adversely affects him and those he supports. Wallace speaks with Coolidge about his Increasing age and decreasing strength and he must forfeit the next match, when he tells him [Marseilles:] “In the fifth [round] your ass goes down.

Say It. [BUTCH:] In the fifth my ass goes down” (Attraction). Instead AT resorting to a Dollop murder Like toner protagonists, c00110ge scams Nils boss by betting on himself in the match he should have lost. In result, the two resolve their issues and agree to remain out of each other’s life. This is more universally beneficial and a better choice than murder in revenge. Through it all, people make vengeful choices and take many approaches to revenge. Revenge is never the most logical nor reasonable method of reparation for a misdeed.