Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States with the longest name. Officially named Rhode Island and Providence Plantation, it is also known as the Ocean State. Rhode Island has beautiful beaches, several colleges and universities, and historic sites.Rhode Island was one of last states to come out of the recession that began in 2007. In 2014 Rhode Island held the nation’s highest unemployment rate for seven months in a row at 6.6%. The rate has since decreased to 4.3% as of December 2017, but is still struggling. The state has added 6000 more jobs since 2014. The economy varies from fine jewelry and silverware to agriculture, fishing, forestry, and mining. Tourism is the state’s second largest industry.Gina Marie Raimondo is the first female governor for the state. The capital is in Providence, RI. One interesting fact is that Rhode Island does not have an official governor’s mansion like Florida. The democratic party has influenced the state for some time, but oddly the state has not elected a democratic governor since 1991. Governor Raimondo has presented a $9.4 million budget plan for 2018-2019. The governor’s budget included increasing the states medical marijuana dispensaries from 3 to 15, also allowing cardholders in Connecticut and Massachusetts to purchase medical marijuana in the state. She also included adding acute pain as an eligible condition to receive the card. This is expected to increase revenue for the state.Native Americans were the first to inhabit the land. Roger Williams, a theologian, founded the state in 1636. He was banished from Massachusetts and fled to Rhode Island. He believed in religious liberty and separation of church and state. Rhode Island became a safe haven for religious minorities like Quakers, Jews, and Baptists. In 1638, Williams also founded the first Baptist congress in the US in Providence, RI. Rhode Island is currently 45% Catholic. For such a small state, they have 53 museums like the Roger Williams Park Museum, 72 libraries and many other historic sites.This month, the state is planning a meeting to discuss President Trump’s plan to drill for oil and gas in protected federal areas. Rhode Island officials disagree. The governor stated “Not on our watch” at a meeting last week. The governor stated that the President is endangering their 400-mile coastline, so that rich oil companies can get richer. Two U.S Senators have also signed a letter asking President Trump to exempt Rhode Island from any offshore oil or gas leases.Although the economy in Rhode Island is struggling, they have made considerable progress over the years. The motto for the state is “Hope”, which was influenced by a bible verse “Hope is the anchor for the soul”. Therefore, the state will continue to grow and hope for better.