Risks if Getting a Tattoo or Body Piercings Tattoo and body piercing maybe fun to get, but one should know the health issues before deciding whether you should get them or not. Even though the needles are sterile risk of infection is high. These are ideas that one needs to address to fully understand the risks that come along with getting a new tattoo or piercing. Has one every wondered what the risks are of receiving body art and piercings? Is there more than what they see in the studio? Even though the needles are sterile risk of infection is high.

These are ideas that one needs to address to fully understand the risks that come along with getting a new tattoo or piercing. When receiving tattoos there are possibilities of having an allergic reaction, but it is less common than the reaction to latex. A big thing with getting a tattoo would be the area where they are receiving the tattoo with the possibility of hitting a blood vessel. When this would occur they should be advised of bruising and if that bruising is not going away in a couple weeks to seek medical advice.

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Another reaction would be for those who are allergic to certain types of metals that would raise a reaction to pigments. This could produce swelling and/or itching, and/or oozing of clear fluid known as serum. “Underneath that harmless tattoo is a very serious risk of acquiring a deadly blood-borne disease such as AIDS, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Tetanus and other blood-borne diseases. After alarming research the innocent commercial addicting tattoo may be a huge hepatitis C carrier. ” When getting tattoos make sure that the instruments used are very sterile, and are used for their tattoo only.

When needles are not sterile they are bound to keep the blood-borne disease alive and can pass into your system when they get their tattoo. With AIDS being a huge disease they will want to make sure they are not getting that disease when getting their tattoo. The risks of getting piercings can become very dangerous to one’s health. One will want to follow instructions carefully once getting the piercing so their aware of how to keep the new piercing clean and risk free of infection. The same with tattoos be sure they know about the allergic reaction to certain metals before going to get a piercing.

A reaction to metal can leave them with a rash, swelling, and difficulty breath that could lead them to shock and hospitalization. Make sure they know who their dealing with when going to get the piercing so they know that they are experienced enough when placing the piercing in the right spot. The wrong placement of the piercing can severe a nerve and leave the surrounding area permanently deadened to any feeling. The excitement of finally getting a new piercing can over joy them and get them to over look the health risks.

Be sure to ask the person piercing about how clean the needle is, or even make sure they watch them open up a new needle to avoid cross contamination. In cross contamination they may end up with hepatitis, the HIV virus, or another blood borne pathogen. When going through the details about getting the piercing make sure they ask questions and even ask if they can see them setup. All these precautions will help reassure them about the risks of getting cross contaminated from a non-sterile needle. Over years with a tattoo they will start to notice the way it ages with their body.

There’s no guarantee that the tattoo is always going to look its best years down the road. The area of the tattoo may become wrinkle and give them a different looking tattoo. This is something to consider when getting a tattoo. What are they going to tell people years down the road what that is on their body. There’s always the possibility that as they age they will have more than one tattoo and they can both turn out differently depending on the area of the body that they are on. These are all things they will also want to keep in mind when deciding on a tattoo and where to put it.

With piercing over the years they will either keep them or get rid of them. When deciding to let a piercing go there is the thought of how that area will look once it closes up. With ear piercing there seems to be that the tiny dot where the earring was at will always be somewhat visible. What about the other areas of the body that they are thinking of getting a piercing done at; such as the eyebrow, belly button, tongue, and so forth. Those areas are in some more tender spots than the ear piercings are. The tongue being a very good area of germs hiding out that they should make sure that the hole closes completely.

These are some more good things to keep in their mind when wanting to get the piercings done in the first place. Let’s just say that years down the road they are completely unsatisfied with the tattoo they had received, what they think they are going to do. The cost of removal of a tattoo is very expensive and is on the rise in the society these days. It’s said that the statistics are showing there are more tattoo removals going on right now than there is people going in to tattoos parlors and getting them done. The options are out there for the ways that tattoos can be removed.

Starting with the most common amongst them all is the laser removal. “This works by targeting the ink with pulses of highly concentrated light that breaks the ink into fragments. The more treatments they receive the more the ink is destroyed with the laser. Getting more treatments though can do damage to their skin, causing painful blisters, and scabs that can lead to scarring. ” Even though the advancements made in this technology are on the rise they are not guaranteed to be left without scarring. The next thing that is something they can do at home and buy online is the wrecking cream.

The cream is something that they can apply by themselves and eventually see less of the tattoo with the more they use it. These products have not been tested very much but are on the rise of becoming more popular. The years of putting in the piercings have become something that they are not interested into doing anymore. The steps of getting rid of them are very simple, by just taking them out and letting them close themselves. Letting the areas of your piercings go will still need some attention to prevent infection.

To avoid bacteria from getting in to the holes they will want to pay attention to them so that way they can make sure that they are not letting bacteria set in and start an infection. To ask questions and follow the care at home guidelines will help prevent the risks of infection and diseases. One will want to make sure that they are not putting themselves at risk to any blood borne pathogens or infections. Get all the questions and concerns one may have before getting a tattoo or piercing so they can be rest assured to know what to look for. References Tattoos Deadly Little Secret. (2001).

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