Business Issues The Ritz Carlton is known for one of the best when it comes to serving consumers with quality and luxury services. Now that the image of quality has been envisioned by many consumers, and other competitive hotel industries, the Ritz Carlton has to retrain all hotel staff to become more productive in all operations such as room services/delivery, guest reservations, quality message delivery services, and room service. Other business issues reflect from efficient and effective reservations for valet parking and adequate housekeeping services.

The issues here are to examine to quantify quality to ensure the company meets all consumer needs, rooms are filled-with no deficiency, and remain on track to receive the award. Background Information The Ritz Carlton Hotel takes genuine pride towards acknowledging that it takes leadership in management to motivate and empower employees to become experts with their areas of operations, so the best services can be offered to consumers who utilize the hotel and are expecting an elegant-luxury experience.

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The Ritz has a theory that consumers do not simply want a room (product), but rather a great experience that will keep them above competition, and better than the rest. Benchmarking is a strategic measure the Ritz Carlton uses to guide management of the hotels internal operations, execute measures that will retain consumers, keep employees trained, maintain services at their very best, and optimize revenue for the company. According to Heizer & Render. (2011) stated, “As the first hotel company to win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the Ritz treats as if it is the heartbeat of the ompany. ” (P. 245, 2011) It is for this reason that quality means a great deal to management, and the proper benchmarking and employee training is always being measured. How Management dealt with Issues Management decided to perform an overall examination of the internal operations by analyzing nineteen processes that zoomed in on areas such as room service, reservations, valet parking, message and breakfast services, and more to ensure the company had above satisfactory in each of these areas.

Training for operations of the hotel was offered to employees so he/she can get a better understanding of how their areas of expertise are to be handled. This was able to be identified by taking measurements of the workflow(s) and cycle time(s) it took for these task to be accomplished. The management at the Ritz Carlton wanted to ensure their employees were knowledgeable of their operations and most of all-‘self directed’ to get the job done, and appease employees. Quality being a ‘Buzz Word’ Companies who only think quality is slogan or a buzzword, will soon come to see their overall operations and consumers decline slowly but surely.

Quality is a major part of operations because it reflects what the company stands for, and how dedicated you are to offering the best services to consumers, while maintaining ethical standards, being safe, and protecting both-employees and consumers, so neither party will fall victim of poor quality. Quality not only reflects from management and internal operations assisted by management and employees, but everyone who plays a role in delivering services from suppliers, stockholders, consumers, and more. Reference Heizer, Jay, and Render, Barry (2011). Operations Management (10th ed). Upper Saddle River , NJ : Prentice Hall.