Rock climbing involves strength, control and finesse. Using the muscles in your arms and legs to pull yourself up a sheer rock face takes strength and control. Using your brain to place your hands and feet so that your muscles can do their job — that’s finesse. Rock climbing is a little like skydiving. Both rock climbing and skydiving have an element of risk. But who doesn’t take a risk in life… i mean, you’ll never get anywhere without taking risks! So, what you waiting for? Rock climbing, is safe, yet risky, is extreme and awesome, unbelievably fun! You’ll never experience anything like it!

Both are sports where people participate mostly for their own personal satisfaction though. And both are sports where potential participants either “get it” or they don’t. It is a challenge, needing to get to the top before anyone else! Why not take the risk? Why not enjoy yourself? Why not try something different?! Don’t be afraid, be brave, and try something new, try rock climbing! Mountain biking! What a risky yet challenging activity! This is one you don’t want to miss! The opportunity to do all sorts of stunts and tricks with of course the help if you need it! You don’t know how? Learn!

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There’s no use in life if your not going to learn new things is there?! So, build up your confidence, be prepared to have a blast, and ready, set, GO! Its a range of paths and ways you can go. You can start from simple all the way to total extreme business! Once you’ve totally got it, and you know all the skills and simple basics, ofcourse, you can take the biggest risk of all… ”the dangerous road”… but that is only if your 100% ready! Until then, rock out and enjoy yourself! Have races, see who wins! Now, you want to take part, don;t you? Its something you might not get to do again, so don’t miss your chance!

Suitable for: Confident beginners to experts, average fitness and above, and in particular, those looking for a long, world-class, downhill mountain bike ride. Mountain walking! You might think… omygosh! Boring! No! Its not actually boring… its pretty essential because you have to be able to build that stamina! Get ready and prepared for the challenges ahead! If you don;t want to, its your choice, ofcourse. But to be the best out of the rest; you’ve got to be prepared for absolutely anything! Its wicked if you try… build that stamina to get the adrenaline rush you’ll need ;D