Ms. Riley, Mr.. And Mrs.. Turner, Mr.. Hartsfield, Sonny Hickman, Question, Homer Hickman, and the 2 state troopers. -Important Ideas presented throughout the chapter include motivated fight for a Calculus class to be taught by Mr.. Hartsfield. Sonny losing his position In the Calculus class to his dream girl, Dorothy Plunk. Sonny discovering a Self-study calculus book on his bookshelf. The troopers accusation of alleged arson of Davys Mountain that was thought to be committed by the ABACA.

Question and discovery of new rocket propellant. College Football Interviews with coaches from West Valhalla university. MISS Eerie? strong protective personality towards Sonny and his rocket team. Mrs.. Turners calling of Ms. Riley to come and assist the boys In proving Mr.. Turner,’the State Troopers to be false with their accusation. Learning objective: (the one goal we want to accomplish through this lesson) To attempt in giving everyone in the class a piece of candy for answering a question correctly.

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But most importantly, discuss the false accusation made by the school as well as the troopers, and why it was over-generalized so quickly. Also discuss why Miss Riley protects Sonny as much as she possibly can. Activity I will use to teach this objective: -l will create a game that will lead to a detailed discussion, which covers the objectives listed above. -l will give out candy for a question answered correctly in order to encourage the class to participate.